Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow, snow, snow!

So, a rare thing has occurred in the last week here in Courcelle-Sur-Yvette. We've got snow! *grin*

I love it.  I love walking in it and watching it fall. Growing up in Florida, we didn't get too much snow in winter. More rain and drizzle than anything. But, now I can thoroughly enjoy it in France. I don't have to drive in it!!!

Last Wednesday, my walking group got cancelled due to the frigid weather and snow. It was pretty icy. Well, I decided that it would be a great time to go out and explore the snowy wonder. This is what I found.

Snowy wall at 9am
 I walked past the bakery and the aroma of bread was so delicious. It can actually be seen here.

 Walking over the bridge, the river looks so delightfully frigid. (Can't tell I love winter, can you?)

Continuing my walk, which is very much the same one I did a while back in fall, you see the river bend and turn.

Well, hello there duckies! It's just wrong that they have to swim in such cold water...though they can probably handle it. It just makes me cold looking at them

They make the polar bear club look silly.

I took the wooded path here instead of the Intermarche path. It makes me feel like I'm in a fairy land.

Such a pretty little bench near the river. So inviting, save for the fact that it's dusted with snow.
Another time, my pretty little hidden spot, another time...

I loved how blue the sky was that morning. And with the trees all dusted with snow!

Walking past the Intermarche and on to the Bassin de Coupieres, the fence was glistening and glimmering in the light.
 What? A meadow beyond the fence? Untouched by human feet? What chance!

And voila! We made it to the Bassin de Coupieres! Icy, yes. Windy, yes. But such a lovely morning it was that I managed to get about 2.5 km in around the basin before I had to go back.

This is my favorite picture from that morning. I love the light, tree, and bench. It just works and could be very Burton-esque.

Bringing it back to the present. Today we got a lot of snow. Actually, all weekend we've gotten a lot of snow.
Just look!
It's impressive because we were only to get 2-5cm of snow and got 18cm instead.
C'est la panique en France! (But chez les Krueger, we love it)

Lots of snow on our balcony. Probably should have taken in the table. Ooops.

And so with all the snow, we've decided to make it a hot tea and book and movie day.
Off to enjoy the remainder of the evening!
A tout à l'heure!

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