Sunday, January 27, 2013


This Saturday, on a whim, Mr. K and I went to the Université du Paris Sud d'Orsay to see a free music concert of Afreubo. That's all I knew of it. A woman in my French Conversation group mentioned it to me as a fun thing to see if we had no plans Saturday.
We are so thankful she said something about it!

We entered an almost packed lecture hall (and we were there 20 minutes early) and found some seats next to some high schoolers. There were people of all ages from 1st graders to the elderly.
You see a lot of elderly here, but I can assure you, there was an even number of youth there.

Paper airplanes (or Cerf-volants) were being launched by random people while everyone was finding a seat. We made some paper airplanes too out of some scrap paper I found in my purse. They didn't fly very far. Too small and the paper was too heavy, we think.

 Looking at the program, we realized that this was not going to be an ordinary music concert.

From classical music to tv show music, it was a great lineup. Also, it stated that this program could be recycled as a paper airplane. Awesome
Between the music pieces, they had skits and very bad jokes, groaners if you will, with a lot of playing on words and gag props.

For example:
A man asked if there were any black holes. He was given one: something black that had a hole in it.

And another:
A man asked for "Une baguette de chef d'orchestre" whereupon another man produced a baguette of bread for the conductor. In French, "baguette" can be the baton or the bread.


A nun, a pretty lady, a tv host, Time, and Math all meet in a gym (the start of a bad joke)
Dupont and Dupond, from Tintin made an appearance

  Then, the conductors came out with the drums guy.

The conductors and the percussianist
 But what do they have on their heads? Lightbulbs on funnels, mais oui! It was an electrifying concert!

Cool! Oh yeah, remember those pieces of TP up above? They were our voting cards.

We held up the color we wanted in order to vote. I even got to get the meteor in the left-hand corner.
The band began to play!

They all look like scientists!
They were really good! They played MacGyver, Rabbi Jacob (a French film from the 70s that is still very popular today), The skater's Waltz, Funeral March of a Marionette, Mission Impossible, Bridge on the River Kwai, etc. The cool thing was that the audience was allowed to fly paper airplanes during the concert. The musicians would catch them and send them flying back into the audience too!

And here is the band during Mission Impossible.
Looking so cool, gotta wear shades.

All in all, a wonderful afternoon spent listening to great music! Mr. K and I decided that the US should do more things like this: free fun music concerts that show kids (and adults) just how wonderful orchestral music really is.
Get on that, guys!

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