Welcome to the workshop. Here I'll be putting updates on the writing front.

So, a little about me. I am a writer of contemporary romance, new adult romance, and fantasy of manners who also dabbles in poetry. I once tried historical romance but that was a LONG time ago.

I'm an active member of my local RWA chapter (LERA- Land of Enchantment Romance Authors). As a former laboratory chemist turned puppy wrangler and Middle school substitute teacher, I have an endless supply of drama and character traits to draw on later after a long day of keeping my charges from doing what they shouldn't.

And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Okay, on to my works. This will be me trying to keep tabs on what I've done and where I'm going.

849 Wilkins Avenue- Adult Contemporary Romance- Appleton, Connecticut
Word Count: 50, 283
Current Status: 1st rough draft. In a drawer to get distance.

Ivy and The Duke- Adult Contemporary Romance- New York, New York
Word Count: 11, 196
Current status: Scrapped. Saved the hero and heroine's names. The rest is saved but will not return to it.

Once More, With Chocolate- Adult Contemporary Romance- Blue Cove, Vermont
Word count: 70, 447
Current status: completed, back in a drawer, will look at again later (November?)

The Tempest & The Teapot- Adult Contemporary Romance- Blue Cove, Vermont
Word count: 50, 516
Current status: 2nd draft, needs more revisions

The Trouble with Bass- New Adult Contemporary Romance- Quillton, Florida
Word count: 45, 475
Current status: 1st draft, waiting in a drawer, to be worked on

Reflections in Starlight- New Adult Fantasy of Manners- The Isle of Taralla
Word count: 73, 550
Current status: 2nd draft. Currently undergoing revisions and major rewriting. Given finish date of October 20th before sending to a beta reader.

Yankees vs RedSox- Short Adult Contemporary Romance- New York, New York
Word count: 12, 000
Current status: in a drawer. Don't really like it.

Viola's Quest- Historical Romance- Victorian Era- Chicago, Illinois
Word count: 31, 807 words typed, 125 more glorious college ruled, hand-written in quill and ink pages to type still
Current status: Never to see another person's eyes. My very first novel from High School.

Short Stories:
The Ten Ten
You're Giving Me a Flower

Too Much
Zombie Morning
Cannibal Sitter
Battle of 2014
Don't Call Me Hon
Hope for a Hoarder
Forest Hike
Queen of All Florida Trees

Poetry published:
From A Plain Girl c2001, Escape From Angst c2002, and Counting Down c2002

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