Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Perfect shot for a spooky night.

For those of you who are going trick-or-treating tonight, Happy Halloween! Stay safe!

We're staying in and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (kinda spooky) and Young Frankenstein (comedy). The first one is not our usual movie to watch, but as Mr. K has never seen it, we added it to the lineup.

My favorite is the second movie. I always watch it on Halloween. I can't do scary/gory films (blame the overactive imagination) so I opt for comedy. Although, we just watched Warm Bodies last night and I think that will now be added to our list of acceptable Halloween type movies to watch. Romeo and Juliet but with a zombie twist. It was cute.

Tomorrow we go to a party and we're going as this couple.

We already had a trial run last weekend. Our town does a Trick-or-Treat on Main Street (basically all the shops set up tables outside and hand out candy to kiddos). It was fantastic!

It's like MIB meets Paperman. I love it!

Anyway, we went with some of our friends who had a little one. (I made the hooded cape- He's Robin Hood)

Our friends!

The funny thing was that he would grab the cape, each side in each of his little hands, and walk around looking very much like an Evil Robin Hood. We all cracked up.

He also has very strong toddler fingers. He didn't let go of his bucket at all. You had to bribe him with a pencil (which he wielded like a Harry Potter wand) to even attempt to pry it off him.

So, you probably want to see what our town looks like all decorated. Well, here we go!

Little ghosties in the trees

Los Alamos does a scarecrow contest too. Here are some I could take a photo of.

Pre-requisite Frankenstein monster

This one's called Mrs. Darth Vader. Hehe

This one's Jack Skellington. Had to take a pic for my sister Miss K

And then all up and down the streets were these huge blow up things.

Ferocious little kitty

These guys were just goofy and I loved them.

And then there was this one.

A bit scary...

Let's move on from that guy, shall we. 
I get the heebee jeebies just thinking of him.

We had some AWESOME costumes on Main Street. Frozen was the main attraction this year, but there was one couple who nailed it. Full on Anna and Christoff costume. She carried around Olaf the snowman in her arms. 

Sadly, I couldn't get their picture. So just imagine it. 
Think Disney characters in Disneyland and that's how good the costumes looked.

Then we had Dr. Who moment.
I mean, check out the Dalek!

And then The Hobbit had an appearance with Gandalf (and a HUGE Thorin behind him, followed by Smaug)

Yay Legend of Zelda! This little Link was too cute.

And what's that I see? Oh yeah! Star Wars Peeps (and an Anna)

And then the crowds got to be intense. If people do this with small kids, probably best to go when it starts, at 4pm. By half past 5, it looked like this.

Although props to the Lucy costume. Classic.

That weekend, of course, we had to carve our pumpkin. It's tradition.

Which one's ours?
Yeah, we're the ones with the baby pumpkin. Or, Quarterling as it was dubbed. Not even big enough to be a Halfling.

The child named it Steve, or so we think he said.
We're not sure. Could've been any number of things that end in "eve".
But it's a good name, so we'll go with it.

(Beats Benny any day! Sorry Mr K.)

We took turns carving it up.

While Mr K took the first shift, I took pictures of trees.

Apricot trees in fall are lovely.

And then Mr K told me it was my turn.

When he appears in shots, it's time to listen to him.

Oh, and we've come to a mutual decision. We've decided not to do a five pumpkin pattern ever again. It was torturous.

But it gave us a ton of seeds and such (Plus, our friends may or may not've taken pity on us and our baby pumpkin and may or may not've been the ones to give us the seeds from one of theirs.)

On the plus side, I have a full jar of roasted seeds now. Very yummy.

So, thus ends the Halloween blog. Have fun! Stay safe! And remember to say:


It does actually say Trick or Treat. We blame the dry mountain air.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Typical Fall Morning

Hi everyone! I've been hoping to get some shots of my morning friends for the past week now, and today, they cooperated.

How nice of them!

So, grab a cup of joe (or tea) and enjoy a few of my favorites.

To start, Mr K and I put up a birdfeeder about, oh, let's say a week and a half ago, shall we?

And I grew very sad over a week of finding no birds at the feeder in the morning.

I needn't have worried though. They started coming the following day and have been gorging themselves on our feed ever since.

Between you, me and the lamp post, I think they needed to get the memo from the head bird that a new feeder was in town.
Anyway, this morning was full of activity.

Fall is here, by the way

Then I looked down at our pecan shell mulch and saw this fellow.

I have no idea what bird this one is with the grey back and red chest. I know it's a finch variety, but other than that, no clue.
That said, he's mighty purty.

And then I heard what sounded like an angry chirp. There in the tree was this one.

Yeesh! I apparently upset him. If a bird could give attitude, this one sure is doing just that.
I think he expected coffee instead of seed.

"I do not deem this morning suitable for a photo. You have the wrong breakfast."

 He left a second later. And I got distracted by the beauty of fall.

Ah me! What glorious colors there be!

It's my favorite season.

Chilly nights, light sweaters, hot chocolate and hot cider.
Too bad we don't have a fireplace in this rental...but at least the heater works.

It's getting cold.

Oh, and we finally got our France shipment! Yay!  We have winter clothes now!

Apparently it was just sitting in a warehouse, two hours away, for the last two weeks after having already passed the extensive customs inspection.

Yup. We were the lucky ones. Those customs guys spent three days of looking through our books and clothes.

So, we think they were waiting for someone else to move up here on the mesa. We only had 21 boxes, so it was relatively small compared to most moves.

That said, I'm ever thankful that I have a wonderful husband who lit a fire under their feet so we could get our fall and winter clothes. It was getting too cold to wear tank tops and a lightweight cardigan much longer.

Mr K, if you're reading this, you're my hero!

Back to the birds.

I looked away to get some coffee and came back to the window. The word must've spread fast.

I heard a sweet little chirp and pointed the camera up and found this little guy.

I think he was looking at me as much as I was looking at him.

 Again, no idea what kind of bird he is, but he is gorgeous with that hint of red all over.

Kinda like a cardinal and a finch had a baby.

I think one of these finches is confused. Last I checked, they weren't made to be woodpeckers.

On a side-but-somewhat-related note, mornings out here are just lovely. I mean, look at this blue sky!


I don't think I could ever tire of the colors. So I'll post another one.

As I sipped my café au lait, I heard a huge rustle coming from my mailbox.

Now, eight in the morning is rather early for our mailman to deliver mail. He usually comes around noon. So of course, the kid in me thought that maybe it was a package.

Don't deny it.

You know what I mean. You see the UPS truck drive down your street and you get excited.

Yeah, it happens to me quite frequently...and then I remember that I didn't order anything.

Anyway, hope still budded and with my trusty camera hanging from it's strap around my neck, I took to another window to see if it was something for me. And low and behold, a woodpecker.

He's posing.

I wasn't disappointed in the least. He was better than any package.

A flash of fur caught my eye as I watched the woodpecker fly off. So to the garage I went.

You see, we have good windows on our door there. And the fur thing zipped under my car...which was left outside in the frost. Poor Rosa.

Anyway, I can assure you that an empty garage, at 8am, and in 40 degree weather is exactly what you think it would be: COLD.

Thankfully, I only had to wait about five minutes until he appeared on the otherside of Rosa.

Look at the wittle bunny!

So cute.

My sisters and brother have a bunny. He's called Moose. And he's a real sweetie.

My Dad goes goo-goo over the little guy. And that's a sight to behold.

Anywho, the bunny's for you, Miss O.

Well, the visiting hour ended at nine. And so did my desire to continue to stay in the cold to take photos.

Enjoy the critters from the warmth of your homes, folks!

Until next time,

Friday, October 10, 2014

First Hike in the Mountains

We finally have adjusted to the altitude here!
(Or so we tell ourselves.)

Currently it's cold and drizzly, reminding me of the French fall days.

Reminds me of the Misty Mountain song in The Hobbit

And it's weird because I thought being in New Mexico would be like living in a desert...

But in a way, I'm glad. It means we get seasons here.
Which might also mean we get snow.

And I love snow!
(Even more so now because I don't have to drive an hour plus to work in the worst of it- thank you very much!)

But anyway, because it's a grey day, I've decided to reflect back on our first hike here, when it was sunny, and share with you some warm weather fun. So grab your mug of cocoa, cider, coffee, or even iced coffee, for anyone who might be on the other side of the world, and read on!

For our first hike, we decided to stick to a paved path on the Canyon Rim Trail. We had no idea where we were really headed and it was great.  We took our lunch and of course, the camera.

Just a wild flower shot as we started out on the trail. I love the bright red!

I started to think of fun artsy shots as we walked. Then I remembered that the camera had a black and white setting. Awesome!

Looks like something from a Western film, huh?

The path was easy and the weather divine.

I love nature. And I think I'm in love with the area. I can't seem to get enough of it here.
Everyday is different and well, just beautiful.

The texture alone is fun!

 And of course, we had to get a shot of the trail.

And this shot sums up what I thought we'd be moving to...complete with the cacti!

No, we didn't touch those.

 Apparently, it's a thing for new comers to want to touch a cactus.

I don't understand it really. I can only imagine the conversation going like this:

Local: I wouldn't touch that if I were you.
New Comer: Oh really?
Local: Yup. They'll hurt you mighty fierce.
NC: Nah, you must be kidding. It probably doesn't hurt that much. *touches cactus* Aieee!!
Local: Told ya. Hurts something awful, doesn't it?

Or maybe not. I like to think we NCers are pretty intelligent beings.
I grew up in FL and we didn't have cacti. But I in no way shape or form wish to subject my typing fingers or legs to such a prickly encounter.

No thank you!

Let's move on, shall we?

The canyon

Mr K and I were taking a shot when a HUGE shadow crossed over us. Looking up, we saw this creature soaring so close to us!

I don't know if you saw him, so I'll zoom in a bit.

Yup, a hawk.

A most majestic bird if I ever saw one, but that could also be because it was about six feet from our heads. We must have startled it when I took Mr. K's photo here.

They had lookouts on the bridge!

Just beautiful.

But my favorite shot of all, is this one. This is where we moved to. The mountains.

I think you will agree. It's just breathtakingly gorgeous here.

And that reminds me of the most awesome thing of all: rainbows. Yesterday, we had a terrible storm.

It rained. It hailed. It lit up the sky with lightning and the thunder shook the windows. Repeat three times.

But at the end of it, we had this:

Yep, that's right. A double rainbow.

My friend, Mrs E and I ran up a small hill in her backyard to take a better shot of it.

And I realized then that we belong here. Mr K and I are in the best possible place, at the best possible time, doing the best possible things we're supposed to be doing.

And that makes me very happy.

Until next time,

Monday, September 29, 2014

Wine Tasting in New Mexico

Hi all!

So, it's been too long. I forgot to update on Labor Day and all the fun we had with some new friends here.

We went wine tasting in Northern New Mexico. Now, I know most of you will say that there are no vineyards in NM and the wine there must be tolerable at best.


There are quite a few vineyards (about 30-50 to be exact) and the wine at three of the four we went to was great!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First stop: Black Mesa Winery!

I loved their painted wall!

The picture doesn't do the bright colors justice, either. So pretty!

We were able to try about five wines of our choice. Mr. K and I tried a port, a couple reds, and two delicious whites: a sparkling wine and a reisling (it's called Woodnymph!). The last two were winners for us and we bought a bottle of each.
We have something to ring in 2015 and also something fun to drink when family visits. Cheers!

Another cool thing about this vineyard? The lavender honey goat cheese. They gave us free samples to go on crackers with our wine. Serious yum factor.

Oh, and their cat was pretty chill too. She was very friendly and didn't mind the baby pats.

The cat came right up to the little guy.
Under much supervision, the babe made friends.

We decided after the tasting to have our picnic lunch outside at their table.

But lo! What's that I see?

Yes indeed! Hummingbirds!  There were about twenty of them all around us. It was awesome.

The merry crew!

Little Man with Mr and Mrs E, then Mr and Mrs B and of course, Mr K.
It's also with this shot that I see my camera has a bit of a fish eye. Hmmm...

Back to the hummingbirds.

I honestly couldn't get enough of them. I may or may not have forsaken my sandwich in search of the perfect shot of those lovely winged creatures.

The consensus: excellent winery, excellent company, excellent bird watching capabilities.
Overall score: 11 out of 10.

After lunch, we were off again to another winery. But the views on the way were amazing!

Reminds me of the covered wagon treks in history books.

Next stop: La Chiripada Winery

They had an excellent red table wine among many others.  And no fee to taste as many wines as you like. They just ask for a donation.

It was great. Plus they let you fill your water bottle there. However, the water is from a well, so if you're not used to that, it might taste a bit funny.

We got a lot of photo ops in their archway.

Consensus: Good reds and kind owner
Overall score: 9 out of 10

Their vineyard

After acquiring a nice bottle of red we were off again to another vineyard.

Side note: Mr K and I will have to return to La Chiripada again soon to get another bottle of red. It was too delicious to last!

Anyway, on the road again, we made a few stops.

 For example, the Rio Grande (which wasn't very Grande least not here)

The day was gorgeous and the clouds just so fluffy.

An old-time shot of the mountains and hills in Northern New Mexico.

Can you tell I like it here?

Then we found the coolest old bridge around.

No one is allowed to walk on it for danger of falling through the planks, but it makes for great black and white photos.

The cliffs around the bridge were fantastic!

Each shot was different.

But I think this one is my fave!

No adjustment, just the natural colors of the rock!

But that bridge. Boy! I was in photo heaven.

And then it was time to head on. The next place was more of a Brewery than a winery and it was okay. They had good Root Beer though. But, probably not a place Mr K and I will return to. Just not our style.

However, Mr E and Little Man were adorable. The babe seems to know when you are taking photos.

Which reminds me! When Mr K and I got to Mr and Mrs E's home at the start of the journey, Little Man plopped down onto the floor and posed for me as soon as he saw my camera!

Leg lifted and such expression! He held this pose for about two minutes.

Hehehe. I love kids. They make for some of the best subjects for photos. Especially when they like the camera as much as this little guy.

We were about to leave to head on to the next place when I saw this.
All the times I've played Oregon Trail came back to me in a single glance.

This photo summed up the Southwest to me.

Wagon wheel and everything!

The next stop was at a nice place and I didn't take a picture. Nor do I remember the name. All I know is that they had and still have excellent port wine, thanks to the Spanish missionaries that developed the area.

Oh, and I tried an herbal wine, which tasted exactly like herbs and roses. Very interesting but probably not one I will have at home. It is worth the experience though.

Afterwards, we all headed back for some dinner and games. We had a great time and I'm so glad we got to explore the area with our new friends.

So, until next time,

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