Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Canyon Walks and Summer Days

Hi all,

I know, I know... It's been a while again. And it's finally summer here. Yay!

I wanted to share with you some photos of my favorite place to walk.

It's the Canyon Rim Trail where we live.

I like it because it's:
1) Paved
2) Regulated distance with markers for every quarter mile 
3) Has great views

Like this one:

Oh, and Mochi likes it too.

Not just the views are pretty, but also the flora and fauna too.

Thistle in New Mexico

And then there's this flower.

It's possibly my new favorite wildflower.
I have no idea what it's called, but it's stunning.
Maybe I'll call it Fire Flower.

And then there's this too, what most people think New Mexico is covered with.


Mind you, I had to search high and very, very low to find some.
They're not as common place as you'd think.

But I like them, in all their prickly glory.

Since it's now summer, we've invested in a portable A/C unit. It makes sleeping possible for Mr. K and when we had the temps go to 90F (32C) without any means of cooling off, it was a true godsend.

Mochi also likes it.
I'd want it too if I were wearing a fur coat all the time.

Of course, I also take her to the dog park where she has her buddies and the possibility to bathe in a large tub.
She only just realized she also could jump in the tub. Her trick is to jump in, drink, then sit in the water.
Better there than at our house.

She and Leilai are great friends.

But yeah. It's been hot, but we're managing now.
And this week is all about pup sitting for some friends of ours.
Mochi is thrilled to have her boyfriend over.

And that's it for right now.
Stay cool!

Until Next Time,

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Iron versus Candy

Hi again!

So, I just have to say that it's been far too long since the last entry. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a few pictures from our anniversary.

We celebrated six years of marriage at the end of May and if you guys do the traditional wedding anniversary gift sharing, you'd know that six years means:




I think whoever came up with the either or choice may have had a few too many one night...
Just saying.

Anywho, we chose iron, Fe, a ferric or ferrous compound, and lastly the great ore. Mr. K loves Moroccan lanterns, so I found two that we can hang in our backyard when the wind isn't so violent (hahaha...hahahaha!)
 So far no good. But I have hope.

And he found a lovely wrought iron tea light stand that I can place on my night stand. It creates the nicest lighting, though not quite bright enough to read by. But when he's away, I can have soft light in the room and that makes me happy.

And then we were off for a surprise...er...that is, a surprise for Mr. K.

See, I knew exactly where we were going.

One and a half hours later, in Albuquerque, we made it.

Yes, New Mexico has a British-style tearoom.

Look at all the tea! So yummy smelling!

He was definitely surprised, and in a good way, as we both like tea.

But, this place didn't just sell tea. It sold all manner of things related to tea and elegance!

Hats, for example.

And exquisite men's grooming products. There was even mustache wax.

Lights and clocks.

And of course, tea sets.

Oh yes, the tea sets! They had one room entirely devoted to these beauties.

And, there was a wall where you could take a hat and wear it to your tearoom. I chose one. Mr. K did not.

We were led down a hallway to our room, called The Styles, in honor of Agatha Christie's book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

They had tea already waiting for us, under velvet cozies too!

And then they brought in the treats.


Our menu

As you can see, our menu was quite extensive. Mr. K, since he doesn't prefer black teas, was offered tisanes of a most delicious blend. I had to try it too, just to make sure it wasn't poisoned, you know.

That was the only reason why I would test it...

Poisoned it was not!
And I may or may not have required further verification of that conclusion...carried out by, what else, more testing.

The scientific nature in me reigns true.

Showing off the hat

But the room wasn't the only thing that was decked out. The hallway looked perfect too.

They had tapestries in the parlor.

Chandeliers in every room. Even the WC!


Making my way back to the room, we had sparkling apple cider waiting for us.

Mr. K had the beauty pot, and I was gentility. Hehehe...I joked he was the beauty that day.

And all too soon the tea time was over. You see, you're given two and a half hours to finish tea.

And we thought it would be too long, but it wasn't at all. So, we waddled out of the fancy place, through a gift shop where we bought some tea and a few other things. I was sorely tempted to get a kid's book about a T-Rex who was invited to high tea, but alas, it was a little too expensive.

The weather outside was lovely, as it should always be on an anniversary, mind you.

And I made use of this light to take one last couple shot.

This is one of my favorites of the day

Then Mr. K surprised me with dinner at our favorite place, Dinner 4 Two, in Santa Fe.

I had the tuna and he had the roasted fowl.

All in all, a fantastic day.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Mochi got a treat too...from my sister.
I love and hate her for it. It's the pup's favorite toy now (as evidenced by the doofy grin on that puppy's face) but this pink thing SQUEAKS.

Naturally, Mochi has decided to squeak it during all sorts of things needing quiet (phone calls, movies, conversations between Mr. K and myself) so sometimes, just sometimes, it disappears...

And that my friends is all for this entry.
Now go have tea!

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Little Wine Time

Hi all,

Had the most amazing fun in Albuquerque this weekend! Just have to share that with you.

Why, you ask?
Because of a little thing called the Albuquerque Wine Festival.

The trip kind of came together kind of last minute. And by last minute I mean that I didn't buy my ticket until Saturday night because I wasn't sure I would be going on Sunday due to Mr. K not feeling so well.

But, he said he wouldn't be going, yet that shouldn't keep me from going. With his blessing, I bought my ticket and got whisked away with Mr. and Mrs. B to Albuquerque.

I can't say the weather was bad when we got there. But it wasn't necessarily pretty.
Threatening would probably be the best word for it.

We got screened three times. Once to check our ages, whereupon I got a large black circle put on the back of my hand with a sharpie (thanks?)
Another screening to check the actual ticket. It paid to have an online ticket. Didn't have to wait in the long line.
And then a third time where we actually got our wristbands.
We were told to walk to the white booth and get our wine glass. Souvenir!


Mrs. B is modeling the black circle for you all to see. Mr. B is showing us his orange wristband.

Then we were in!

For a questionable day, there were a ton of people.

Lots of people, lots of line waiting.

Mrs. B and myself in line

Not a selfie. Mrs. B took this one. 

I think most of our time spent at the festival was in line.
But the vendors were great. Explained the flights, had water to rinse out the glasses, and you could buy a bottle or just a glass of wine or nothing at all.
The tastings were free.

The only thing missing was a cracker or something at the booths to cleanse the palate between the different tastings.

Oh well, that's what the food vendors were there for, right?

Some people even had on pretzel necklaces. We didn't get those, but the idea is genius.

Aww. They're so cute.

We walked on from St. Clair and looked at some of the art there too.
There was one woman with amazing glass works. I didn't get a picture of her wares, but there was a rose stained glass plaque that just was gorgeous.

Drinking a California Award winning Riesling from St. Clair.

And, lest you forget that it's still New Mexico, there was a biscochitos stand. I love this state.

We tried some Gruet champagne. But, I'm spoiled though. I actually went to the Champagne region of France and tasted champagne at Lanson with Mr. and Mrs. P (hi guys!) and I must say, I like Lanson a bit better than Gruet.

We went to Dos Viejos and tried some of their wine. One was called the Wild Hare and it was a blend of sweet red grapes. A little cloudy, but delicious.
I tried a few other reds and liked their Sangiovese. It tasted like you could serve it with any meal thrown at it (except fish). I got a glass of that one.

And then we had to eat.

But first, we had to get a picture in front of the Sandia Mountains.

Cuteness overload.

I said, "aw, you guys are too cute let me take another one" and then they smirked at each other and did this.

"It's a mountain!"

I tried a selfie with my big camera.

Didn't realize I had a friend behind me.

Then they said to get in the photo and they'd take one for me.

"Look at that mountain!"

I'm a goof. What can I say?

Food. Right.
Well, we found a great Philipino stand that was selling Lumpia. I said yes to that and waited in line. Meanwhile, Mr. B was sent on a mission to get a turkey leg.
He returned to us, still in line, carrying said turkey leg and told us it was the last one.

Well, that must have reached the ears of the man behind us, because he started saying he'd pay Mrs. B fifteen bucks for the leg. She laughed and said sorry. He upped it to twenty and that's when we realized he might not be joking. The comment that it had already been licked came out and the man still wouldn't take no for an answer, saying it wasn't a big deal.

I don't know about you, but if someone had already bought lunch, I'd be willing to believe they'd want to eat it.

Yup. Turkey leg was good.

But the craziest thing I saw for sale that day? A doughnut cheeseburger with pickles, green chili, red onion, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Sure, it looks like I'm taking a picture of the pineapple. But that's because the man moved just at the last second.

How about another try?

Yep. You see that right. That's a glazed doughnut on both sides.

I shudder to even think about eating it.
*shudders anyway*

Moving on.

By the time we finished lunch, the sun had come out. Everything was right in the world again.
And all the people came out. This was when it began to feel like more of a festival.
Live music played, kids ran around, and people were laughing and chatting all over the place.

Amazing what a little sun does.

On a last tour, we went to Ponderosa and tried their late harvest riesling and Don Quixote for their ports and dessert wines. The plum port was delicious and so was the apple wine.
And we capped it off with some Black Mesa, home of the ever popular and utterly delicious, Black Beauty Chocolate Port. Even got to taste some port wine chocolate syrup.

Sushi for dinner on the way home was a good end to the day. Oh, FYI. If you ever want sushi on a Sunday in Santa Fe or Los Alamos...there is no place open.

Yup. You have to go to the Dine in or Drive Through Sushi place in Santa Fe. I know it sounds bad, but really it was pretty good for what it was.

Would I go back to that joint? Probably. In a pinch.
What I probably would do though is wait to have sushi on Monday.

Anyway, yes, the Wine Festival was great! Will definitely be returning!

Until next time,

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