Monday, January 14, 2013

My Sister has a shop on Etsy!!

So, guess who's so excited and proud of her sister?  ME!
 My little sister has opened up a shop on Etsy to sell her art and handmade jewelry. She's very talented and can do almost anything (not that I am biased...). Her major was sculpture and ceramics at the University of North Florida and graduated with honors. She does installations, jewelry, custom designed projects, and also likes doing industrial design when she can get ahold of a welder.

This is what she says about her shop, Sparkle, on Etsy:

"Here, you will find a multitude of cute, fun gift ideas that are sure to please.
{{Glittery, girlie, sweet, and cute}}
Most jewelry and club accessories can be made to order, upon request.
- Cute jewelry and club accessories
- Functional ceramics
- One of a kind collage cards and boxes
Feel free to explore my shop {Sparkle} and my artist website {} and message me with any questions or comments.
Thank you for popping by :)"

P.S. She now has Clip-on earrings, for those who do not have pierced ears. She can make some on special request as well, as she is doing for one woman.

Her jewelry is fun! Her pottery is great, but what about something more artistic, you ask?

As you can see, her website is teaming with ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Want a natural design for your office building? Try her Cocoon series. (price available upon request)

Need an idea for a wedding? Want to line a path in the woods or surround your patio in your backyard for your next outdoor party? Try a faerie installation!

What about a great front walk conversation starter? Try a zipper on for size!

How about decorations for your next gala, event, or dance? She does autumn leaves beautifully or you can have cerf-volants or, in other words, paper airplanes! (Perfect for the kid in all of us!)

Check her out and enjoy the beauty of her art.

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