Monday, February 03, 2014

Deliciousness in Denfert

Hi all,
This past Friday, Mr K and I had to go into Paris for an appointment. Had to leave early from Gif, and had a horrible time trying to find the place, but with a lot of patience and very polite French, we managed to get to the place in time.
However, after leaving the place around 12pm, we decided to make a nice day of it (it takes an hour to get into the city, mind you) and eat at our favorite Ramen place in Denfert Rochereau.

It's called Sakura Ramen and it's at the very end of Rue Daguerre. A quiet little restaurant with a light and airy, pristine and clean interior, that fills up at the lunch hour very quickly. Always a good sign in my book. The prices are very reasonable and their menus go for about 9-12 euros. It specializes in, what else, ramen noodle soup.

(They also have gyoza and other things which are quite good too, if ramen is not all you're looking for to eat at lunch time. No sushi, but you aren't going to a ramen place for sushi anyway, I hope. There are sushi restaurants that do that.)

Well, Mr K and I had our deliciously huge bowls of ramen (no kidding, the bowls contain about a liter of liquid, and then with the noodles...scrumptious.) But we were still a little hungry so we decided to splurge and get dessert to share. We don't usually get dessert and most of the time, the desserts aren't that appetizing after soup.  However, not knowing what was in store for us, we chose the most intriguing ball of frozen something on the menu.

This is what she brought us:
Voila! Next to the molten cup of green tea, you have the great and wonderful, Mystere Mouscoco! 
(No, we did not put the pepper and soy sauce over it. We just wanted them in the picture for ambiance.)

Wow was it good! A dark chocolate center, enveloped with coconut ice cream, and then rolled in coconut shavings. Delish! The perfect ending to a perfect lunch.

In other news, I get my camera today!!!

Mr. K is stopping on his way home from his conference in Paris to pick it up. I cannot wait.

*Doing a happy dance*

Be forewarned, there will be pictures.

LOTS of pictures...posted as soon as I learn the ins and outs of the new Bessie.

(Yes, I named my camera and laptop 'Bessie'...well, all appliances and vehicles, really. Just ask Mr. K. I don't know why, but the name seems to always fit.)

Anyway, you've been warned. Muahahahaha....

So until next time,

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