Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just a short update

Hi all,

No, I haven't forgotten to update. It's just, well...this is sad news, so bear with me.

A terrible thing has happened for this blogger: my camera died.


This was the last photo my Nikon L18 ever took before it gave up the ghost and refused to bring the zoom lens back in. I didn't even press a button to take the shot. It just sort of did it on its own.

Sad shot:
Even the picture makes you want to cry: out of focus, dreary, and closed off. Poor camera.
 So, since Thanksgiving, I've been using my husband's LG phone camera for pics. Very grainy and difficult to render, but workable.

That said, I treated myself with a new camera for Christmas: a Nikon L820. I get it in February. If I can just be a little more patient, it'll be here soon enough.

I'll have to try it out in the forests and on the walking paths here.


But, it would not do to leave you without a bit of fun to cheer your day (ours is pretty dreary here- rainy gloom and all)

How about a porcelain painting update?

These are just two of my latest porcelain works from this year. I'll take a pic of the others when I can steal Mr. K's phone again. But, for now, two will just have to do!

This one's currently being shown with other ladies' works at our community center. I'm quite happy that my work got to go with theirs, but mine is nothing next to the beauties they've done.
My winter scene.
 This one I was playing with small details (like her face and belt). I like it. I'll have to see where I can hang my little Eastern European girl.

So yeah, that's it for now.

Until next time (or until Mr. K gets home),

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