Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

France doesn't really celebrate, but I will be heading to Pere Lachaise Cimetiere with M. G today.  So I guess in a way, that is sort of celebrating.

Anyway, here's our small decoration in the house.  I had to post this cute card my friend, G, sent me to share with you all.

Thank you, G and P!!
Later tonight I'll watch the Disney Halloween Cartoon special (not into horror) and eat my gummy eyeballs and vampire fangs.

So, what was one of my favorite costumes from childhood?  Being a Fairy Princess *shock!* (and then in HS it was a farmer or Giselle).  What was yours?

My sister and me hamming it up.  Oh the memories!

Have a safe and fun time tonight trick or treating or doing whatever you plan on doing!

Until next time,


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