Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weddings and such!

Today's post is dedicated to a couple of cool cats who decided to tie the knot together (Literally! It was part of the ceremony.): Mr. and Mrs. M.  Mr. K and I had a chance to attend this affair while we were in the States in CA. 

Look at those two!  Such a cute couple!
 Mr. K was a groomsman, so he had to go early and do groomsmanly duties.  I came later with the rest of the family.  They were married in Calamigos Ranch, the same spot of Biggest Loser (the wedding facility is just on another part.)

Gorgeous scenery!  A photographer's dream.
 They even had a cool umbrella installation.  
Reminds me of Skittles, the candy, for some reason.  Taste the rainbow...
We came around the river bend and watched as the Bridal party finished some photos.

Mr. M is doing the scary dance for us, here. I think the photos were starting to get to him.  But doesn't Mrs. M look gorgeous?  *smiles*

Mr. M's brother and my Mr. K (also known as Shades) looking cool and stylish.

The ceremony was outside and there was live music.  I believe they even played Coldplay on harp for one of the songs as the party came down the aisle.

Really lovely trellis for the ceremony. 

Everyone took their spots and the best moment of all happened: the bride entered, led by both parents. I snuck a quick shot of the groom seeing his bride as she came down the aisle!  

 Tying the knot that Papa taught them.
 And the greatest moment of all:  the kiss!
 Proud to present for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. M!
Happy day!
 Then we all turned around and went right up to the most enchanting reception I've ever seen.

 This is a shot of our table. 
The groom and his Papa wood-burned the crates.
 And the festivities began.  They turned on some heat lamps for us because nighttime in CA gets COLD.
A quick snapshot of the mother of the groom and the ladies K
Had to get a shot of the future Mrs. K in black and white along with the SIL in red. I'm in blue.  Almost a flag.  We call ourselves the K triplets. 

The dance floor.

The party favor was creating your own candy bag because Love is Sweet!
 They introduced the bridal party, and this was the only shot that was halfway decent.  I like it.  It makes me think Mr. K is in super speed mode.

Cutting the cake.
Happy couple. Very pretty cake.  (Delicious as well!)
 The first dance, followed by the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances. 
Yup, that's our family.
 A sneak shot of Mr. K dancing with his Gram.  So cute!
 And the groom's brother with his wife actually on the dance floor!
Cool guest book idea?  Have a photo booth! You put one set of pics in the book with names and a wish of good fortune and the guests get to take the other home.  It's a win-win situation!  Here are my faves.

The M and K girls are on the left.  Last photo is of a Charlie's Angel in training.  H will get the hang of it soon. 

The right is just the K side.  We're an odd bunch!


All in all, a lovely night to be remembered.  Thank you so much for having us, Mr. and Mrs. M! May you have as many laughs and as much joy as we had that night for the rest of your lives. Love you both! *muah*

Until next time!

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