Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pompidou and fall activities

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Catching up on my photos here and I realized I never told you about the Musée Centre Georges Pompidou (or as the locals say, <<Beaubourg>> because of its location in Paris in the Beaubourg area).  I also am throwing in some local photos from out and about where we live.  Enjoy!

A short while ago, Mr. K and I went to Free Museum Day with some friends and it was great fun.  We got a chance to see the city from the top of Centre Georges Pompidou and then we went into the exhibits.  You can only see one floor of exhibits on FMD but it's quite a lot and it's fantastic.  Here are my personal favorites.

This one's especially for my sister, Miss K.  Voila, a HUGE welding installation that was in a small room.  Only 30 people were allowed into the room at a time.  So cool.

In front for scale.
A look from inside

The other side of the piece
In the same room, they had a mini model of an installation of wire.

It's so little!  Basically, it spans the width of two hands.

Moving down the floor, another favorite was this one:
How many French words can you make out?

Along the hallway they had this one:
Reminds me of Arabian Nights.
And at the end of the hallway, they had this one.  What do you think it is?

Any ideas?

It's a forest of spices in sacks.  I wanted to run through it and smell it all.  But, that was not allowed and it was corded off.  Bummer.  Sometimes I feel like authorities don't understand what the artists may wish.  Some artists actually like having people interact with their art.  Just ask my sister.

We left after we had our fill of modern art and walked to St. Michel.  On the way, Mr. K confiscated the cell phone and then reappeared, grinning from ear to ear.  I don't ask anymore.  I just wait to see what it was when we get home.  It's more fun that way. 

This is what he saw:

Why, hello Mr. Steampunk tour guide on the side of Notre Dame!  Very cool, Mr. K.  He's got a good eye for photos, that one.

So what else have we been doing?  Well, enjoying Autumn for one. 
A balcony shot from our apartment.  Love that tree!
 Walking around our village, it's fun to see the displays in the windows change. 
This one's my favorite:

Origami crane installation in the village center bookshop
Visiting friends on the outskirts of Paris for a morning out is always a great idea.  If you ever get a chance to go to a market in France, DO IT.  My friend and I had so much fun perusing the stalls. (Thank you AP for the photo!)
Market day in Antony at a ribbon stall.
 And what Autumn would be complete without a picture from a farm?  This farm is 10 minutes away from my home.  I went with friends and their grandchildren to go pick apples, raspberries (because of the late spring we have raspberries in October!), green beans, and of course, spinach.
Picking spinach up at the farm
All in all, it's been a great month.

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