Monday, November 04, 2013

Frida and Friends

Hi all!
So while Mr. K was away, this mouse went out and played with some friends.  We went to a Frida Kahlo (famous Mexican painter) exhibit at the Orangerie in the Jardin des Tuileries a week or so ago.  So cool!  She's probably most known for her famous eyebrows and self-portaits in the US.  By the way, the Orangerie is also where you can see Monet's waterlilies in panoramic view.  Definitely a must see.

We forgot one little detail, however, as we arrived at the museum: THE LINE!

We waited about two and a half hours outside in line to get in.  As we got to the front, we realized that we could have bought tickets online to cut the wait time down, but, oh well.  Next time maybe.  It was rather fun seeing other people in the same boat as us.  Some people even had their own picnic in line, complete with a bottle of red to go with the sandwiches!

Once inside, it was easy-peasy going to the exhibit. 
This was a wall photo as you came down the stairs and went left.
The exhibit was amazing!  Unfortunately, no one was allowed to take photos inside, so I only have a few from the right before going in.

Blurry pic of my friends in front of another Frida wall photo.
  I like her symbolism and the intimacy of her paintings.  Frida was ingenious because she really perfected the self portrait- her only subject that she knew completely inside and out.  This chica suffered so much! Not only did she have polio when she was young, but she also survived a major bus accident with a trolley car. It  really did a number on her body, causing her to have as many as 35 surgeries to repair her back, leg and foot and leaving her months at a time in a bed while she recovered.  She took up painting as a way to release the stress, armed only with her paints and a mirror.  There's a cool shot of her painting her body cast in bright colors in the exhibit.  She continued this outlet the rest of her life.

Top left is titled "Thinking of Death", Top right is a portrait done by her husband, Diego Rivera, of a benefactor,
 Bottom is Frida herself in a wheelchair

A turbulent woman, but oh what an artist!

When we left, the line to get in was very long.  We were glad we made it in when we did.

Shot from above from the gift shop landing.

My friends and I decided that since we didn't have coffee after lunch (a very French/European tradition) we should go to a café and get some.  In the Jardin des Tuileries, they have a cute little cafe called Medicis Lecointre, just past the fountain pool on the left.

I loved it!  So chic and cool.  They even had Hipster Catherine Medicis on the mugs.  And that was another thing.  I'd not seen mugs of hot chocolate anywhere in Paris before.  Excellent!

I, however, got a cappucino.  I know, I know.  It's not morning anymore and *gasp* I had milk in my coffee!
But, honestly, when you've waited so long outside in the chilly wind and rain and just got through with a large crowded exhibit, you make exceptions.  

And it was good.

Sooooo  good.

Apparently it was so good, I didn't realize I got foam on my nose when my friend took the photo.
 And after that, it was time to go home.

Great day out with friends and a great way to finish off the afternoon in Paris.

Until next time,

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