Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last huzzah to France!

Had to put one last entry in.

I think you all might enjoy it too. It's featuring the best thing in France.

Yup, you guessed it. We're going to talk pastries today.

(Hope you're not hungry...)

First up, a Demoiselle d'ananas.

This gem is divine and from what I could glean from the info, it can mean anything from a young woman, a damsel fly, a crane or a pastry at our local bakery. What I do know is that inside this pastry dome is a lightly sweetened pineapple cream which goes deliciously with the passion fruit macaron on top. A must if you can get it!

Alright, next up, a Paris-Brest.

This is a rare form because it's in the eclair shape. Usually it's a round, circular looking type. It was created in 1910 to honor the Paris to Brest bike race which was founded in 1891. Hence the circular, wheel-like shape. This was Mr. K's fave of the day. He really liked the praline cream inside the eclair. Also a good one to try if you can get one.

Thirdly, we have a St. Honoré.

This pastry is one of my faves. It's made in honor of the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs, St Honoré. He was a bishop in Amiens in 600AD. It has the best of all worlds in it: cream puffs, whipped cream, puff pastry, and pastry cream. The puff pastries are dipped in caramelized sugar, or in this case, caramel. It's actually very light and not very sweet. Just perfect to share à deux.

Next in the line up is a Rosée du Matin.

It's name means Morning Dew and it is just as fresh as that. Basically it's a raspberry mousse around a raspberry coulis, over a shortbread cookie called a sablé. Here our bakery even put a chocolate macaron on it. Chocolate and raspberries go very well together, don't you think?

Following that, we have a Tarte Aux Citrons Revistée.

This is fantastic! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves lemon meringue pie. So tasty and just the perfect treat to try on a summer night. It's a slightly Breton thing to eat, because of the cookie bottom. But yes. Try this one if you see it.

And lastly, what France trip is complete without trying...

Yes. Macarons. Macarons by the millons!

Mr K and I have found that it is always best to separate the strong scented ones (Bergamot and Citron, we're looking at you) from the rest of the others. They tend to give their flavors to their neighbors.

My personal favorite is the Rose flavored one. Mr. K prefers the Raspberry one or the Salted Caramel. There are so many to choose from and every place makes their own flavors.

Our suggestion: Get an assortment from your favorite place, like, say, from Georges Larnicol in St. Germain Des Près, and then go wander to your favorite garden, like the Jardin du Luxembourg, and enjoy them with friends, or just by yourself. It's lovely and delicious.

Just don't try to take them home on the train/metro or save them for the next day. Macarons are best enjoyed in the spur of the moment and all at once. (My favorite type of treat) Kinda like, well, actually, there is nothing quite like them in the United States and that, my friends, is very sad.

I will miss these delectable morsels from France. Immensely.

Maybe I can figure out how to make them in New Mexico...which is where we are headed next! But then again, I have a feeling that I will be making some new dessert discoveries in the Southwest region.

So, until next time, get out there and enjoy those French pastries if you can!

Au revoir ma chère France! Je t'embrasse bien forte!
(Au revoir et merci pour tout le poisson!)


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