Monday, July 14, 2014

Joyeux 14 Juillet! Happy Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille Day to all!
(Yes, we get excited here. Fireworks, people! Fireworks!)

What did we do to celebrate?
Well, not much as we were very busy. But we did get a great chance to see fireworks from our balcony.

Just off our balcony to the left and slightly through the trees!

So awesome

Again, really I can't help it. I love these kinds of fireworks.

And then the classic shimmering shower type ended the show

Pretty nifty in my book. Other than that, we woke up, I made pancakes, we watched the Bastille Day parade on French TV (it's a military parade, no floats like the Thanksgiving Day parade in the US) and then we both got to work.

Wait, what? Work? I must be meaning something else.

Nope. I meant work.

We spent all day organizing, moving things around, and going through EVERYTHING we own about five times. We had about three bags of things to give away (most of that was pillows I'm not sure if that counts) and a bag of shoes, and then a few bags of trash that just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

You see, we have a mover coming tomorrow afternoon to survey what we're shipping to our next place. Still waiting on the job for Mr. K but our first stop will be Los Angeles, CA.

Apparently, there's going to be some big party going on over there to celebrate some guy and this totally awesome gal tying the knot. The dude may also happen to be Mr. K's brother and Mr. K may just happen to be the best man...

It'll be grand. And I can't wait to have another sister!

Anyway, I have the sneaking suspicion everything we moved today will stay exactly where it is until the movers pack it up to go into the container. We might have to put up a beacon for the middle of the night bathroom walk.

Fruit of our labor, minus three bags of unnecessary things given to the French Good Will,
 and a few bags of trash or recyclables.

We sold our wardrobe, so we've taken to living out of suitcases until we move.

It'll get better. Wrinkles are in these days, right?

Getting that beast out of the apartment was something else. Thank goodness the girl who bought it brought a helper.
There may have also been a cunning use of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables Tome 1 (hey, when in France...) to take apart one side of it when we found out it wouldn't fit in the stairwell.

Okay, it was more like stuck between the wall, ceiling, and perched precariously on one stair for a good five minutes before we were able to lift, shove, press, and carry that thing back into our apartment. It's amazing how low ceilings are here!

We took off one side and part of the bottom and had about 1 cm clearance. Thank goodness. And, the kids had the most ingenious idea ever: they brought a small horse trailer for it, complete with a bed of hay. Awesome job, guys! Totally impressed. May that wardrobe serve them well in Limours.

Little things. Odds and ends.

My only concern now is getting the porcelain pieces I worked on this year and last over to the States. I would hate for any one of them to break. But if one does, oh well. I know the techniques now. (I just hope it doesn't.)

You probably didn't know this about me, but I hate moving. 

Don't get me wrong. I love travelling and seeing many different places. I just wish I could have a home base to go out of. That would be perfect! But then again, moving a lot means that you don't acquire tons of stuff. (Or if you do, you end up giving it away or selling it before you move again)

We still have no idea who will want our landphone or shoe rack by the way...they may just end up down by the rubbish bins in the cave, er, cellar. 
Oh dear. I'm now saying 'rubbish bin'. 
(Telltale sign of being in an expat community for a while...)

Anyway, we're excited to return to the States. In 10 days we move out of our apartment. In 13 days we fly to California. And if all goes well on the job front for Mr. K, 7 to 14 days after that, we might be moving to New Mexico. Big changes for all, but exciting too.

I may not be very faithful on the blogging for a while, what with the international move and the family wedding, but I promise I will try to at least get a photo up or a blip to say we're safe.

Here's to new adventures and new sights!

Until next time,

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