Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Wedding and a Move!

Hello all!

Sorry about the delay in posting. We were a little busy with a few things.

Firstly, a gorgeous and wonderful wedding in the family: Mr. K's brother, C, to H (or rather, now another Mrs. K). Power to the newlyweds!

We had such fun at the rehearsal:

Miss A and me, feeling pretty, oh so pretty

There may have been a few shenanigans with the ring exchange...

But this one is my favorite from that night.

We had a day or two before the big event, and I even got to help out with putting baby's breath in the aisles and in the center pieces. Loved helping!!!

A rare shot of Mr K and me before the ceremony began

My in-laws, the original Mr and Mrs K.

Then we all settled down for a beautiful ceremony, outside, with a gazebo.

H was a beautiful bride and C was very dapper in his tux.
That's my sister-in-law, A, on the far left, and you all know Mr. K here on the right. He was best man.

 After the ceremony, we were led into the reception area, where the big fun happened. We all cheered for them when C and H were announced husband and wife.

Following that was the first dance. I couldn't resist this lovely shot here. C looks so happy.

Mr K led the speeches and then settled back at the "kid table" where the rest of us were.

These guys right here, are now engaged!!!
Congrats to my sister-in-law and M!

It was there that we discovered that Mr K had blackberries attached to his boutonnière. And, well, the servers seemed to miss our table with appetizers, so...

I may or may not have been a little hungry...

Anyway, back to the reception. The cake was cut.


And then the dancing. Oh the dancing! It was marvelous. 1980s music mixed with some modern stuff. So nice, and Mr K even got out on the floor with me.

Then the end came and we sent off the newlyweds in style: BUBBLES!

Off to Hawaii!

Welcome to the family, H!  I'm happy to have another sister-in-law!

But wait, there's more.

A week after the wedding we had some fun in Santa Barbara.

I love this man

Palm trees!

And sunsets

The bay at sunset. So pretty and magical.

The best photos were yet to be. Mr. K and I prepared to head out east from California to New Mexico!!

Moving time, again.

But before we left, Mr K's cousin and his wife M had a little girl!

That is one proud papa right there!

Our flight was short, only two hours or so. But the scenery was pretty.


And then we arrived in Santa Fe and went to Los Alamos!

Just the local scenery as you drive on the highway from Santa Fe to Los Alamos

 This one's my fave.

Those colors are just gorgeous.

And then we got Rosa, our first car we bought together.

We almost called her Vera.

This week, we got part one of our shipment and we've been up to our elbows in boxes.

No, literally. Up to our elbows, inside and out and all around.

We have one room in this three bedroom home that we're renting that is just dedicated to empty boxes. It's almost full and we're not done yet! But, my office is about done. Just in time for me to have a place to write and organize my thoughts before I get a Skype call from my Paris writer's group.

The kitchen is almost done, and the bedroom is okay...we had to get more hangers today.

So, soon we will be done, just in time to get part two of the shipment coming from France next month and it will all begin again...oh the joys of moving.

Aside from a few hiccups along the way, we are on our way to settling in, given a few more weeks. We couldn't be happier.

Well, times be sparse here. I'll keep you guys posted as much as I can but I can't guarantee much until we're unpacked.

Until next time,

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