Friday, June 28, 2013

Home from Scotland

Had a lovely week in Scotland a little while ago while Miss A was a visiting.
I want to share with you our favorite pictures from the sejour!

Warning: There will be a lot here. (But they're pretty!)

Our first sight in Edinburgh was to hike to Arthur's Seat (the tallest hill of the 7 hills of Edinburgh):

We're on the same level as Edinburgh here and are looking up at the smallest hill

A truly Scottish landscape as we hike upward

Hello, Mr K and Miss A!

Halfway up looking down on Edinburgh and Holyrood Palace (small castle on right)

View from the top of Arthur's Seat onto Edinburgh

Dramatic Pose! It was a must!
Classic Pose. Afterall, we had to have proof of our journey, right?

Selfie! As you can see, I was so happy!

Brother and sister picture on the way down
Next up was a visit to Holyrood Palace, but unfortunately, we couldn't visit it. Prince Charles, Camilla, and the two princes were residing in the palace while visting the Duke of Edinburgh and thus it was closed for the whole time we were there.

However, we managed a few shots of the exterior.

From far away

Up close. You can even see the guard.
Walking past the palace, we spied an adorable cottage (which incidentally was the gift shop):
Onwards to the Royal Mile!
Closest thing I could find to a Tardis, all you Dr. Who lovers out there

Not complete without the "Invisible Man"

Great performer. We bought his CD. David Macgreggor I believe was the name

Favorite slogan: Keep Calm and Feed Me
Went to the Edinburgh Castle:

The only picture I have of a bagpiper, even
though there were quite a few around
We then went to Grassmarket to eat and window shop.
Getting to Grassmarket
 And, let's not forget the pretty dresses we saw!

 This next photo is for my Father-in-Law. We actually found a street named after his favorite tea.

Of course, speaking of tea...we had to eat something. So, Miss A and I tried Haggis, neeps and tatties. I got mine with a half pint of ale and cauliflower soup. How did it taste? Delicious! I highly recommend it at the pub: The Last Drop on Grassmarket.

Thoroughly satisfied, we were off again. The kirks of Scotland:

I love the red doors

St. Giles Cathedral. No photos allowed inside unless you buy a photo pass.
This one was on the way back to the B&B.
  One of the coolest free things we did was visit the Writer's Museum.

They have Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, and Robert Louis Stevenson tributes
Plus, outside the museum you have tons of quotes from various authors in the pavement.

There are various tributes in bronze throughout the city. This one is of the Black Watch, the infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

We can't forget Princes Street either. The Princes Street gardens were gorgeous!

How fitting! The Scottish and UK flag flying high!

The other side of Princes Street Gardens with the Scott Monument on the left and Waverly behind it
Absolutely loved this cross. Gorgeous.

We also got a chance to see the weaving mill for Scottish tartans. I am part of the clan Macdonald (didn't know that at all until this trip) and Miss A and Mr K are from the Lindsay clan.

The sisters in law!
Clergy and Macdonald tartans
As our trip draws to a close here I thought it only fitting to end with sunsetting over Edinburgh.

Until next time,


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