Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Anniversary Trip- Part One

Hello all!
Back again after a glorious weekend in the Dordogne (pronounced: dor-DON-yeh) and Perigourd Pourpre (Pronounced: Pear-ee-goor Poor-pruh) region in France to celebrate our 4th year wedding anniversary. Specifically, we went to Biron and then did day trips.

I can't believe it's been 4 years already!
It seems like only yesterday we got engaged.

As the weekend was jam packed with beauty and firsts for us, I'll have to split up the blog post and do the town where we stayed in this one. Then, in a follow up, I'll show you the places we went to visit around Biron.

This is the view we saw as we approached our B&B from the rental car as we approached Biron:

Excellent shot by Mr. K.

We knew we were in for a treat. All I had in my head at that time was, "Keep your eyes on the road, and don't hit any farm animals."  Mr. K was enjoying the chance to actually be a passenger for once and not have to drive through the countryside. He was our official car photographer.

We stayed in a little Bed and Breakfast called the Prieuré du Château de Biron and stayed in the Prieuré room.

Entrance to the Prieuré.
Gorgeous building, lovely sleepy little town (with about 30 people total), and the best bed and breakfast I can remember ever having the chance to stay in.

Courtyard view
 Elisabeth, the owner, greeted us warmly and showed us to our palace of a room. (We are so used to 48 meters squared now that anything bigger is huge!) We even had a tea service ready for us. Wonderful!

Of course, I couldn't help taking photos as soon as she left us to our room.

What we saw upon entering

Look at that bed! And it wasn't hard!
Taken from the doorway to the salle de bain
Gorgeous! And there was a bathtub!
The view from our window.
We were in heaven and did exactly what any weary traveller would do...we had tea.

After having fully rested and become human again, we left the room

Hallway view
 to go have a leisurely dinner in the Auberge du Chateau de Biron.
Delicious meal by the way. The peach aperitif was refreshing and the magret de canard was cooked perfectly. Mr. K had the entrecôte de bœuf with shallots. He was very happy. We finished it off with a dessert of profiteroles.
We even had time to catch a glimpse of the countryside before the sun set (around 10pm).

Coming back to the Prieuré, I couldn't resist another hallway shot.
So cosy.
 Waking the next morning to church bells and birds was perfect.
Breakfast was delicious with fresh fruit salad, organic yogurt, freshly squeezed orange juice, hot coffee, baguette and homemade croissants.

After a feast to last us the day, we were off to visit the surrounding areas and finally explore Biron!

Happy man

Looking from the Prieuré to the Château
Did I mention that the weather was beautiful too? Yup. (A rarity in France!)

Steps up to the château, looking down on a lookout post.

The countryside from the château steps

The entrance to the Château de Biron
View from on high onto the outer courtyard of Biron

Now that's a fireplace!
For those of you who have seen Jacquou le Croquant, we found out that part of it was filmed in Biron.
Yup! (We watched the movie when we got back to check)
This is a shot you might recognize from the movie:
Inner courtyard of Biron
It's in the scene when the Knight and Lina come to search the Château de Nansac for Jacquou!

Fun little trivia.

Also, we found out later, the movie, Timeline, was partly shot in the Dordogne region in France, in the nearby town of Sarlat (which we did not get a chance to visit...another time perhaps!).

So cool to see places rich in medieval history.

We had an amazing time visiting the other villages too! But that requires another posting.

Until next time!

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