Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anniversary Trip- Part Two

Back again! Had to take a break from blogging to enjoy the company of my sister-in-law, Miss A, who came all the way from CA to France. :-) We had some fun times with her too, but that's another blog post all together.

Now, where was I?
Right! On to part two of the great anniversary adventure!

First stop: Bordeaux (where we picked up the rental car and got a chance to see the port town)

Did I mention that we had the perpetual "Doom and Gloom" hanging about?

Gorgeous bridge

We happened upon a River Festival, complete with sailboats and sailors up in the ropes.

Quick! What's interesting about this boat? Answer: Mexican and French flags on a 3 masted sailing boat
complete with Mexican music blasting at full volume

Columns before a garden area

The McCafe, and no we didn't eat here. I just wanted a picture of it
because I thought it was funny. Mr. K was not as amused as 

Yum, yum!

They're so cute! Canneles are little sweet cakes that are
a specialty of Bordeaux. Had to get some for the car-ride.

Your driver

Our wheels for the weekend

After spending the night in the B&B, we were fresh to be on the road again!

First stop: Villreal and their market (where I got a scarf; how very French!)

Morning market in a medieval town. So much fun!  

Market view

Town center church

After getting the customary lunch when on the go: bread, cheese, smoked and dried sausages, and Pink Lady apples (only the best picnic apples ever, by the way) we were off again!

Next up: Monflanquin

Mr. K's shot here

Town Square


Just lovely to behold, huh?

The church in Monflanquin

Bagpiper for a wedding we saw on our way to go eat lunch

Looking down the road on our way to lunch

The sundial that only tells the time between 11am and 1pm.  I guess lunch is just that important.

On our way back to the car.
Fully restored and wanting to see another town, we headed out.
Gavaudun, here we come!

Look at that fortress!

Going up?

So cute! But we're not at the top yet.

Poppies! Or, in French, <<coquelicots!>>

See that tower there in the middle? Yep, we're going up that!

Mr. K for scale.

On the steps of the tower

Looking down.

Hi, honey! 

Love these archer windows
Pretty windows

These next few are a series taken as I went up...

It's pretty high up.
Looking down from above onto the village and the ruins

Loved it up there!
 But, as with anything on Earth, what goes up, must come down...only if we abide by the law of gravity...and in this case, it was not optional.
Down into the belly of the Earth we go...

Still going...
 Ah, made it back on solid ground.

Couple shot!
As the weather was starting to get dreary and drizzly, we decided to head back to the B&B and get ready for dinner that night. We had a treat in store for us!

Off to Monpazier for dinner:

Roses and arcades
Artsy shot

Roses and Medieval structures
It certainly is the most beautiful village in France
We got a chuckle out of this sign: <<Porte du Paradis>> means, Door to Paradise
Hotel Edward 1er. A wonderful dinner in an almost chateau!

Happy Anniversary!
Strawberry sorbet and Opera
Chocolat et Framboise

They put hearts on for us!

Such a lovely day spent that we were fearful the next and last day would not be as wonderful.

We needn't have worried. It was just as good.

After checking out of our B&B, we headed toward Bordeaux, passing Monbazillac (known for their sweet white wines).

Can we say wow?
We did make a stop along the way in Bergerac (had to! It was too nice a day, and I wanted to see one last town before heading back to Bordeaux).

Gorgeous day in a great town
 Bergerac may ring a bell to some. It's the setting for Rostand's novel, Cyrano de Bergerac. There are two statues of him in the town.
We happened upon a market day in Bergerac

Cyrano statue #1
Cyrano statue #2

Side streets in Bergerac. Apparently it flooded something fierce back in the 17th century; it flooded above the
light brown closed shutters. 
 And of course, in a lovely little town, you window shop!
Cupcake teapot!

Mary Englebreit look-a-like tea cups

And thus ended our little get-away for our anniversary.

Perfect time spent with a wonderful man! Happy Anniversary!

Until next time,

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