Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walking...just walking

Thought I would do a post about the immediate surroundings.  We live in the Chevreuse valley, home of a natural park setting.  Courcelle-sur-yvette is a suburb of Gif-sur-Yvette and this is the walk I do about every two I need something near Gif and I have to pass the Basin de Coupieres.

Let us begin:

In front of our apartment and bakery is the Yvette river.

All along the Yvette are washing stations or "lavoirs" because Gif-sur-Yvette was known for it's washing.
Continuing along the path following the Yvette
 This is the path I take to go to Intermarche, a mix of a very small Target and a very small Publix, 3 minutes from my home.

Passing Intermarche, and the MacDo, you continue on the path...
I like the fall leaves...
 You cross a street and then it is a nature path/cycling route.

There are usually five bikers that pass you with little bells to let you know they're behind you on any given day.
 Still walking on the's so pretty!

If you look carefully, you'll see a little friend...I don't know what type of water fowl he is, but he is quite cute.

You cross a little bridge and head through the chestnut grove...minding the falling nuts is a challenge, especially when there is a breeze.  Gif is known for its chestnuts too...

Just incase you get lost, they post a sign to help you along.

This is the street you have to walk up a little bit...the only part of the walk where it can get dicey. Cars zoom around the bend here, but the French have excellent braking, I must say.

 Safely made it up and across the street, and now into the covered wooded path.

Long alley of trees and path...usually there will be someone walking a dog by here and a herd of bikers zooming by.
 More path
 Ah, almost to the Bassin! When you open up and are near the Yvette again, you know you are getting close.
 This part of the Yvette has a large family of Mallards...I counted one time 17 of them.

Here we are!  At the entrance to the Bassin!
 This is the public exercise area where you encounter joggers,dog walkers, speed walkers, kids on bikes, readers and the like.

Through those trees is Gif Centre.  I thought it was pretty.

Looking back on the Bassin.  Apparently it was built in 1950 after a huge flood had happened a few years before to prevent it from happening again.  Or so I was informed by a friendly elderly man out for his walk. What a nice man!

If you go around on the other side you see this:

Perfectly inviting, don't you think?
On to Gif!  This is the main square of the town.  It has a small pond.  I've named it Ile de canard. Fitting, no?
 After mailing my letters, I go back the same way.  Here is a bridge you cross to go back.  I am just enamored with the setting.

And, on we go...homeward bound!
 This is the hard life of living in the country...your eyes are always accosted with such horrid sights as these.

Really.  It's too beautiful to take in all the time...



  1. I am loving all your blog posts! I can't believe how beautiful it is where you live! Your first apartment was TOO awesome. And I really enjoyed the description of B's love of walking up hills. :) Sorry it's taken so long for me to comment, but I do like reading!!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy the posts, Erica! It's absolutely gorgeous here...on a nice day. Apparently, the day I took those pictures was the only good day this week. We've had nothing but foggy rain the rest of the week! I have to say that I love your posts too! :) Little man is just too cute!