Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day!!!

Just absolutely lovely outside.  Had to post about it.  It's about 62 degrees and sunny with a faint breeze.  As my Bestemor would say, "It's just a delicious day!"
Finally have some time to sit and write.  Mr. K and I have been entertaining for the last two weekends. My mother came the beginning of October, and then one of my best friends from college and her husband came last weekend.
For my mom, we had a fun time working on my dress (still in the works, hemming later today though!) and just having girl talk.  Poor Mr. K, he was a good sport though.  He played video games and read during our working.  He doesn't get to do that too often so that was fun.

 We went to Baiting Hollow Farm and Vineyard for a wine tasting and seeing the horses.  It was a surprise for my mom.  She had never been to a Long Island Vineyard. The great thing was that the vineyard was having a fall festival that weekend.  Not only did we get to taste wine and see rescued horses, but there was live music and a lot of people.  Here are a few pics from the experience.
Baiting Hollow Vineyard House where you could go to get wine and be closer to the music.  There was not a seat to be had here.  Very busy day.

Looking from our table, which we finally got, onto the gazebo, er, rather, the "Gazebar" where you could have some wine tastings.

Merlot grapes from the view of the gazebo.  My mom took this photo.  Very artsy, don't you think?

Isis, a lovely Arabian horse. My mom's fave.  We got to pet her.

Even Mr. K got a chance to pet Isis.  She looks small compared to him, huh?

Must be some pumpkin mistletoe nearby...

My momma and me
All in all, a very enjoyable weekend with my mom.

The next weekend we had my friends come to visit us from Connecticut.  They took the ferry across. Again, a lovely day, but warm.  They seem to always bring warm weather when they come.  We love it.  Now if they could only come in January....hmmm....

 We tried to go apple picking with them.  No go. We left the house too late and ended up sitting in three hours of traffic. After noticing that we had hardly gone a quarter mile in 40 minutes, we gave up on apple picking and went to the outlet mall for the Williams-Sonoma Outlet.  Always a great decision. They were having a sale on household things and food items. So, two bamboo cutting boards, chocolate ebelskiever mix, a cherry cola soda mix, and a round tablecloth later...we left the store and headed home.  We made a quick stop off at Windy Acres Farm for some apples.  I was determined to have some after coming out east all that way. I bought many I had never heard of before: Jonagold, Ginger gold, Fortune, Idared, Macoun, Autumn Crisp, Cameo, Granny Smith (ok, I knew this one...but I love them), and Crispin.
All my apples on my new table cloth from Williams-Sonoma!

Here are a few pictures of Windy Acres.
They had a corn maze and a kid jungle gym.  We also had fresh hot doughnuts....mmmmm...melted in our mouths.

Had to take a picture of the pumpkin trailer. So very fall-chic!
 After our stop at Windy Acres, we came home.  On our way we saw Elmo on a motorcycle.  Funny!  Had to include it.

Came home and put on Michael Buble for mood music and had some wine and cheese.  Oh yeah, there's a new store in Port Jefferson, NY called C'est Cheese.  Very good cheeses.  We bought a Tomme de Savoie, Manchego, and a Boucheron. Sooo good.  I had some brie and smoked gouda at home so we just made a lovely cheese platter and had some wine:
From top left colockwise: Boucheron, smoked gouda, Manchego, Tomme de Savoie, and brie. Paired with red and white wines.
I love entertaining.  So this was a perfect opportunity. We all enjoyed it and will definitely be going back to the cheese store!  SO much fun.

And thus ends a lovely time for reminiscing.  Now off to enjoy the day!!

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