Thursday, September 08, 2011

It's a great day to be alive

Went to Home Depot this past weekend (I love that place) and got baby mums.  One pink and one yellow.  They are now gracing the front porch step, planted in new pots, and watered (with a little Miracle Grow).  Can't wait to see how they turn out.  I promise to take a picture and post it once they start to bloom (and it stops raining).

Also,  I've decided to paint my round table that I got at Home Goods around the corner.  It was dark purple...maybe more grape in coloring.  It's a solid color, but it goes with nothing I have, as you can see below:

My theme is nature and sea, but the purple is a no go.  So while I was at Home Depot, I picked up some baby paints ( they sell samplers for the wall to try a test patch) and got them in lovely colors: Innocence and Burley Wood by Behr.  They're a flat paint, so no gloss when they are dry, but that's ok. Going for a Pottery Barn look and have started with a brown base and cream top.  I figure later I can do some rosemåling on the top to bring in a bit of my Norwegian heritage.

New Table!                                                                  More Homey Look!

Side note on rosemåling: My Dad's side would be appalled.  They're Swedish.  There's a slight thing between the Swedes and the Norwegians at our house.  My Mom's side is Norwegian, my Dad's side is Swedish and Lithuanian, my Stepmom's side is Norwegian... so christmas time is interesting.  My Bestemor always gives my Dad a Norwegian something or other.  My Dad always gives her something Swedish.  Always a great laugh.

Anyway, off to work now.

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