Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Hi all,

Just wanted to say to all my readers:

Which means: I love you.

Yes. YOU!

Thanks for reading my blog.

It's Valentine's Day and Mr. K and I did something different to celebrate.

We decided to go for a hike.

A hike you say? For Valentine's Day?

You betcha. With a sunny day and 55F (13C), it was absoutely the perfect weather to do so.
So we all piled into the car, rolled down the windows and set out on a small journey to the trail.

Mochi loves the wind in her...ears?

When we got to the trail, I took one last shot and decided to leave my phone in the car. I had my camera anyway.

It was going to be great! I could take pictures of the mountains covered in snow, the blue sky, the sun, black and white shots supreme!
Except, when I went to take a photo, my batteries were dead.

Lesson #2: Check batteries along with memory card for camera.

Well, it was fine. We had a grand time fit for memories. And you know what?

I liked it better that way.

We came home and have decided to stay in tonight, make our own steak dinner with shimp and potatoes and green beans, and watch a movie.

So in honor of a Valentine's Day dinner, please enjoy some champagne and chocolate "moose".

Until next time,

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