Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Hi everyone!

Let me just start out saying that sledding is the best pastime ever.


No, I don't care if you're sore and tired the next day...
Okay, maybe I do because I feel your pain.

But it's still fun!
Here, I'll show you:

We went sledding with the C family. They have good sleds (very important) and a tube.

And they also know THE spot for sledding.

M and S on the hill! Go guys go!

Mr. C doing his best streamlined sledding.

Mr. K showing me his great balancing skills.

He also did the streamlined sledding technique.

The backwards tubing technique...I don't recommend it.

You end up leaning A LOT.

It looks like he's on nothing, but he's got the slimline sled. Very cool, Mr. C.

But what is this? S is ready to take the MONSTER HILL!

She caught major air time, which you can't really see. Those lines are hills. And the main hill was steep.

Attack of the Bearded Viking!

He took the seated approach to the hills. Still caught air though.

And an attempt at a group shot while sipping hot chocolate.

Take 1!

Hmmm...a little blurry.
Take 2!

Better but the only one looking is the small one.

Oh well back to sledding.
Turned just in time to catch Mr. K whizzing by.

The tube on the big hill was our favorite.
Must do it again soon.

Until next time!

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