Monday, September 21, 2015

Ren Faire? I'm There!

Good morrow!

This past weekend we had a fun escapade to the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire.

So much fun!
We even dressed up for the occasion.

Doesn't Mr. K look dapper?

We drove the hour's drive from our house to the Living Spanish Museum on the outskirts of Santa Fe and I was worried we'd be the only ones dressed up.
Well, us and my friend L. We'd arranged to dress up.
But anyway, yes. I worried.

I needn't have. It was a good mix of people in costume and not.
About a third to a half of the attendees, I'd say.
We felt right at home.

So, this is a picture journey of that day!

Found a harpist there. His music was quite enchanting.

And of course, we met up with the lovely and fair, L with her bubby, A.

Well dressed and ready to go!

 I love the fact that A looked like Robin Hood (or Link, according to L). And that the cape I helped make last year for halloween still fit him!

The place was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

There were even corn fields.

Carpenter workshops.

And proud men carrying the wee ones.
G is totally rocking the baby snugglie. And Mr K has Link.

Of  course, we had to go to the Fae Wild.

But sadly, we missed the troll and apparently there was a unicorn too.
However, we did get to see lots of fairy houses.

A castle, a seashore, a book house, and of course a fairy cake house.

They had Blacksmiths...but they were on break.

And right outside the blacksmith hut was a fairy fiddler.
A was completely mesmerized by her. And all the loose dirt.
Oh to be a two year old again.

There were Celtic games in one area.

The guy in the back is throwing a caber!

And of course, the jousting! But we got there right after it.
However the horses were still there.

There was a Gypsy Vanner and the other two were even bigger!

They had a costume contest and there was a steampunk traveller who almost won.
Said that the queen should trust Mr. Columbus in his exploring.

There was also a long train of belly dancers that passed through the faire, with their cymbals and bells all a-jingling at one point. 
Very cool.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take a photo. 
I did however take a short video!

Her majesty, Queen Isabella made an appearance.

This is probably the only time I'll eat fried food (corn dogs only, thank you very much). But this one had roasted corn-which was to die for. So we made a small allowance.

Two fair roses

But then the day grew long and we had to leave.

Pay no attention to these hobbitses...

But not before one last photo with L!

Ah yes, I love Renaissance Faires. They're a blast.

So, until next time, I bid you adieu.


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