Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Perfect shot for a spooky night.

For those of you who are going trick-or-treating tonight, Happy Halloween! Stay safe!

We're staying in and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (kinda spooky) and Young Frankenstein (comedy). The first one is not our usual movie to watch, but as Mr. K has never seen it, we added it to the lineup.

My favorite is the second movie. I always watch it on Halloween. I can't do scary/gory films (blame the overactive imagination) so I opt for comedy. Although, we just watched Warm Bodies last night and I think that will now be added to our list of acceptable Halloween type movies to watch. Romeo and Juliet but with a zombie twist. It was cute.

Tomorrow we go to a party and we're going as this couple.

We already had a trial run last weekend. Our town does a Trick-or-Treat on Main Street (basically all the shops set up tables outside and hand out candy to kiddos). It was fantastic!

It's like MIB meets Paperman. I love it!

Anyway, we went with some of our friends who had a little one. (I made the hooded cape- He's Robin Hood)

Our friends!

The funny thing was that he would grab the cape, each side in each of his little hands, and walk around looking very much like an Evil Robin Hood. We all cracked up.

He also has very strong toddler fingers. He didn't let go of his bucket at all. You had to bribe him with a pencil (which he wielded like a Harry Potter wand) to even attempt to pry it off him.

So, you probably want to see what our town looks like all decorated. Well, here we go!

Little ghosties in the trees

Los Alamos does a scarecrow contest too. Here are some I could take a photo of.

Pre-requisite Frankenstein monster

This one's called Mrs. Darth Vader. Hehe

This one's Jack Skellington. Had to take a pic for my sister Miss K

And then all up and down the streets were these huge blow up things.

Ferocious little kitty

These guys were just goofy and I loved them.

And then there was this one.

A bit scary...

Let's move on from that guy, shall we. 
I get the heebee jeebies just thinking of him.

We had some AWESOME costumes on Main Street. Frozen was the main attraction this year, but there was one couple who nailed it. Full on Anna and Christoff costume. She carried around Olaf the snowman in her arms. 

Sadly, I couldn't get their picture. So just imagine it. 
Think Disney characters in Disneyland and that's how good the costumes looked.

Then we had Dr. Who moment.
I mean, check out the Dalek!

And then The Hobbit had an appearance with Gandalf (and a HUGE Thorin behind him, followed by Smaug)

Yay Legend of Zelda! This little Link was too cute.

And what's that I see? Oh yeah! Star Wars Peeps (and an Anna)

And then the crowds got to be intense. If people do this with small kids, probably best to go when it starts, at 4pm. By half past 5, it looked like this.

Although props to the Lucy costume. Classic.

That weekend, of course, we had to carve our pumpkin. It's tradition.

Which one's ours?
Yeah, we're the ones with the baby pumpkin. Or, Quarterling as it was dubbed. Not even big enough to be a Halfling.

The child named it Steve, or so we think he said.
We're not sure. Could've been any number of things that end in "eve".
But it's a good name, so we'll go with it.

(Beats Benny any day! Sorry Mr K.)

We took turns carving it up.

While Mr K took the first shift, I took pictures of trees.

Apricot trees in fall are lovely.

And then Mr K told me it was my turn.

When he appears in shots, it's time to listen to him.

Oh, and we've come to a mutual decision. We've decided not to do a five pumpkin pattern ever again. It was torturous.

But it gave us a ton of seeds and such (Plus, our friends may or may not've taken pity on us and our baby pumpkin and may or may not've been the ones to give us the seeds from one of theirs.)

On the plus side, I have a full jar of roasted seeds now. Very yummy.

So, thus ends the Halloween blog. Have fun! Stay safe! And remember to say:


It does actually say Trick or Treat. We blame the dry mountain air.

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