Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Joyeux Noël!!!

Christmas Eve again in France. Tonight we're doing the traditional appetizer meal (tradition from the CT family) and an opening of one present (tradition from the FL family) followed by a reading from Matthew by Mr. K as we settle and snuggle under the covers before going to bed.

As for tomorrow, well, we'll be staying home and will have a lovely yummy breakfast complete with French pastries (our tradition), plus eggs and bacon (tradition from the CA family) after we open our gifts to each other.

So fun.  I love making our own traditions and combining the ones we had growing up.

But, today we're skyping with the CT family. It'll be so great to talk with them again.  It's been a while and with the training my dad has had to do, well, let's just say that pilots don't get a whole lot of free time.

Tomorrow will bring two more Skype calls: My sis, Miss K, and the CA family. Can't wait to see them either!

We're so blessed to have family all over the place. *smiles*

Anyway, now for the unveiling of our tree:


We both wanted to be Vanna White.


I think Mr. K does a better job of showing it off though.

Meal preparations you ask?

Well, I've made the chocolate cake for the Bûche de Noël and it's currently in the freezer. (I didn't roll it, just made a loaf cake and will shave it and ice it later). I have a slight fear of rolling cakes...I've never attempted one yet, but my fear is it'll end up like my chocolate strudel I made one year- a HUGE messy delicious pile of crumbs.

Loaf cake it is then!

Tip: Freezing your cake before carving and icing it makes the whole process easier and less of a mess as the crumbs stay put.

And this is the first year I've decided to make my own honey glazed ham. Wish me luck! I'm going to be combining two recipes. 2kg for the two of us makes for lots and lots of yummy leftovers and new kinds of meals. I'm excited.

Voilà! our crèche (or manger scene) made of the little French Santons:
We were so happy to finally get the wise men this year!
Anyway, just a few of our holiday traditions we thought we'd share with you.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Until next time,

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