Friday, September 06, 2013

Je voudrais vous présenter...

Always fun beginning with a French lesson, right?

I want you all to meet my new friend:

(I call her "Vera"...)
"Just look at the pretties!"
Okay, I'll stop quoting from my favorite TV Show of all time (i.e, Firefly).

But seriously. Isn't it the prettiest mat you've ever seen?
And, it makes me happy just looking at all the butterflies.
I like butterflies.

The mat may be a little thin for the activities I'll be using it for (only 6mm when it should really be about 12mm), but it was just too cute to not get.

For those of you who may not know, I have signed on to do Pilates with Blogilates for a month of beginner excercises. Boy, do they kick my boo-tay! But, I'm becoming less and less sore after the workouts and I am able to do them without muscle failure now. (Yay! and only after 2 weeks of working on them!) 

Basically, six days a week I do the workouts and they change everyday.  You follow the moves on videos and the instructor, Casey Ho (I believe that's her last name) is this positive, fun, hard driving ball of energy to get you through while you do it to Pop music.

Seriously! She makes working out so much fun that even though your muscles are crying out for mercy (and they do, oh how they do) you end up laughing at something she talks about while you're doing it, and you, for a moment, forget that you're working out hard.  It's awesome! (And that's coming from a seasoned former high school and collegiate rower- 2 seat in an 8 man sweep- Holla!)

Why do I feel the need to workout?
A) it's great for the body!
B) Doctor's orders and
C) it gives me happy endorphins to fight the blues when they come around (mostly on rainy days- and in France, that is pretty common in Autumn through Winter).

Anyway, thought you'd all enjoy meeting Vera. 

Happy Friday!

Until next time,

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