Monday, August 20, 2012

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!

Wow. Trying to find a spare moment in these next days will be tough.  Better take my few moments now to give an update of the move...

This is what my home looks like now:

This is my pantry.  It's all on my table.

I feel like going crazy. Even though it's all in plain sight, I can't find a single thing.

It makes me sad...

Moving really.


Okay, back to business. A while back, we decided that since we're moving to CT and then to France, we'd make two piles for packing.  In theory it should have worked. In reality, it was organized chaos. We would pack something up and then we'd look around and think: We need that still!  or That would be very useful in France! So out it would go from the box and be put on an open space until we could pack it up again.

We had an international mover come in to give us a quote to move a table, a desk, a keyboard, guitar and five boxes. They gave us a quote.  We had our jaws fall to the floor (luckily it was over email and no one was actually present to see that). We then rethought everything.  Goodwill got to know us very well.  Grad students at the University nearby loved the fact that we were selling furniture and within 20 minutes of sending an email of our furniture to be sold, we had 5 people contact us asking for the items.  It was cool. And then it was sad.

Goodbye rocking chair, named Bessie.  Goodbye pantry. Goodbye chest of drawers, also named Bessie.

( I seem to have a slight obsession with naming inanimate objects Bessie...hopefully no one will take offense to that. The name just suits.  Even my Honda is named Bessie.  But, she's called Beula on a bad day.  Again, I hope no one will take offense to this name)

Anyway, we then decided that since we were not using the international movers, we would do it ourselves and hopefully save a lot of money. Plus, Tuesday we found out that we were approved for a furnished apartment in France. Major blessing! 1 bedroom, 1 bath with all the amenities you could think of.  Not to mention the fact that it's over a French Bakery. Yes!!  Thank you God! :-)

So, we did not need the desk or the table.  And, I also found out that will probably be a great place to find musical instruments for cheap, namely a keyboard or "piano numerique", so no need for the keyboard here. Also, and will also be great helpers too.

So, with 4 suitcases pre-packed with clothing to check on the flight and then deciding to ship boxes to France with our good old post office, it will cost 1/5 of what the moving company quoted us. Voila! Our boxes!

You pad everything with winter clothing.  Makes sense!

This is how we do it! (*this is how we do it*) Oh yeah, bringing back the  90s.

Say hello to my leeetle friend:
*hugs* I love this thing
 And we are ready to move to France!

Friday we pack up the U-Haul.  Saturday we move to CT, then the next Saturday we're off to Gif-Sur-Yvette. Oh yeah!

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