Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walt Whitman and friends

Went to the Walt Whitman Museum of Long Island a few days ago with friends.  It was great! Tour guide was drier than toast but that's okay.  We still enjoyed getting out.

The man himself, er, in bronze...
 Then we went into the house.  It was so pretty outside, and very tiny inside.  I liked the custom stairs.  The footplates were smaller as you went up to prevent falls and also to prevent children from falling down them later.
The Whitman home from Long Island.

Look at the butterfly!

Borrowed this little man from a friend...he was not as into Walt as we were, poor guy.

 Then we went to Northport and had lunch at the Copenhagen Bakery.  My Grandpop B would have been so proud of us for visiting the town where his cousin (from Sweden) resided.

If you have never eaten there, you should.  It's quite a treat (literally) and you get a chance to look out on the harbor.Not to mention that the food is really good. I liked their potato leek soup and their sourdough bread was fantastic! 

We went for a stroll in the town of Northport, even though the weather was not as nice.

Main Street of Northport

Vintage shop on Main Street
Sewing table near a store.  Thought it neat.

Had to do a picture stop in front of the toy store.  Perfect setting.  Even saw a chocolate house from Germany.

Rain buddies!
I just couldn't stop taking pictures of this little guy!  Too adorable.  Looked like a Gordon's Fisherman poster!

Such a calm smile.  So charming and sweet.

My friends
They had me get in the shot too. I felt like singing "Singing in the Rain".  It was perfect weather for it.

As we were leaving, I saw this cute bistro set. So inviting and French, n'est-ce pas?

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