Sunday, June 03, 2012

Happy Anniversary- 3 years and counting!

Wednesday was Mr. K's and my three year wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it. It feels like I just started dating him yesterday, and yet, like I've known him all my life.  I still get those tingles when I see him from across the room. Yep, we're going to be that old couple sitting on a bench holding hands and talking sweet nothings to each other and laughing. I can just see it. *happy smile*

Anyway, we decided from early on that we would do the traditional wedding anniversary gifts (because, well, we are just so traditional.)

This year was so much fun! Three years= leather. The first year was paper; second was cotton.  Apparently, the anniversary gifts are an old German tradition dating back from the medieval ages. Pretty cool!

Mr. K was so sweet.  I came home from a very long day at work (got out an hour late due to an experiment that had to be done on garlic oil...yay...) and was met at the top of the stairs by my wonderful man.
Just his smiling face made that long day disappear immediately.

He then proceeded to present me with this:
I love roses! 18 Long stemmed, red roses!!!

If that wasn't enough, the next item made me float.  He found an anniversary card of a quote from Napoleon to Josephine (they were in love back then and his letters are quite romantic). Not to mention, French wrapping paper: Joie de vive= Joy of living/ exhilaration.

 Opened the paper (which was really hard to do as I liked it so much) and I found this:

My very own leather coin purse!  So cute! 
It fits in my little clutches and is going to be so perfect abroad in France.  They have a lot more coins that they use there than we do here.

I gave him a brown leather messenger bag, which he has not stopped using since he opened it. Yay!

I love my wonderful,  loving husband, who gets me and my love of things romantic and French.

Happy anniversary, honey. Only 72 more years to go!

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