Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day for a Chemist

I love Valentine's Day.
I REALLY love it. It's the coolest day.
Aside from the commercial aspect (that I don't love so much), I think a day of love and expressing love to anyone and everyone is great.  I'd love to see it everyday, but one day a year is definitely a good start.

Valentine's Day went well in the K home, complete with heart shaped toast and raspberry jam and heart shaped fried eggs with orange juice.

I surprised Mr. K with a Darth Vader sparkly red box of chocolates.  I had to wait for my surprise.

Honestly, the fact that I got a sleepy "Happy Valentine's Day!" followed by a hug first thing in the morning from Mr. K was the best thing I could have gotten.  I love moments like those.

So I had to wait....and wait...and when I got home yesterday, I was greeted by a wonderful man who took my bags and hugged me again. Then he surprised me with this:

Long stemmed red roses and a beaker mug full of candy! I've never gotten red roses before!
The best part of this bunch (my husband knows me so well) was the beaker mug! As well as my favorite candy: peanut butter M&Ms. I had to break it in this morning with my cup of coffee. :-)

But of course, I couldn't resist the roses!
I'm like a moth to flame with this rose bunch!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. The beaker mug is so cute and perfect for you!

    1. Thank you very much. I couldn't agree more. :-)