Friday, December 16, 2011

what to do with 26 cups of cranberries...

I was given the great task of doing 26 cups of "frosted" cranberries for our church Christmas Tea last weekend.  It was so much fun. I had never done them before.  And they ended up looking like they were in snow!

 Also got a chance to bake 96 cinnamon chip scones.  That was fun.  The interim pastor's wife and a friend with  her 1 year old boy helped me make those.

As they say, many hands make quick work!

These are the ingredients.

Started out in the biggest pot I had...But, had to go bigger though. Thankfully a friend had a large pot!
Bigger pot!  Dissolving the sugar in simmering water.

Oooh look at the cranberries!

Doesn't look like a lot, does it?

Then again...

That's a lot of cranberries! Let them soak overnight in the syrup, then drain and roll in superfine sugar.

Yum!  So pretty...and so many!

This is what 96 scones looks like.

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