Friday, December 09, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We finally got our Christmas Tree!!!!  I love it!  It was about 7ft before the trimming of the trunk.  Now it's about 6.5 feet.  It's perfect.  I haven't put any ornaments on it yet because we're having a baking party tonight to help the church's Christmas Tea outreach and will have a toddler roaming the place, but I have the lights and my angel on it. :-)

Here's a pic of it without any falderalls. It makes me smile and I love the fresh pine scent!
Naked tree!
It's so pretty!  We'll decorate tomorrow night.

And thus begins our Christmas decorating.  So what does one do with this:

Free branches from Home Depot
Well, you can do this:

Picture frame decor
And this:

Shoe cubbie decor

  And this:
Bookcase decor

And this:
Homemade advent wreath
 Many uses for swags of pine. :-)

Now, off to some quiet evening.  Can't help humming "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree".

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