Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Updates and a Sunset

Hi all,

Back again. Today's a small post because 1) I don't feel so great and 2) The pictures will more than make up for any lack of content.

On to the updates!

Writing Front-

   I'm currently revising my fantasy romance and am about to tackle the hardest part for me-
Rewriting the ending.
   Or rather, increasing the stakes my two main characters must face (so, beefing up a little of the second part of the second half) and then plummeting the two of them to a place so dark that it looks like they will never survive the effects/results/embarrassment/and whatnot (what we call the All Is Lost Moment). Then I'll be picking up the pieces and they will have to make sacrifices to make it to the happy ending.
   Easy, right? No big deal.
   Riiiiiight....this is why I've been avoiding it for so long. But Mr. K says I need to get my butt in gear and write the dang thing already. Then I can go back and fix plot holes. (I'm looking at you, gloves. Why on earth did I think adding cut out gloves would help matters in the magic world? Cutting them out as soon as I can get at them again.)

   In other news, I've started a writer's critique group in Los Alamos. We meet every other week and discuss/dissect our chapters, polishing them to a pristine glow. Or so we hope. I love it.
I love critiques.
   No seriously! After France, I've been starved for such wonderfully brutally honest critiques as my group gave me there. This group is doing very well and the critiques are honest and genuinely important. Each person brings something awesome to the group. Soon enough we'll get to the point to be able to tell each other that we just don't like a part and that it should be scratched entirely.
   And I'm getting in on another critique group that's going to be by email via my Romance Writer's of America branch, Land of Enchantment Romance Authors. These guys know their onions and also what works in a romance novel, which is kind of the point. It's going to be fantastic.

Other other news, I've given myself until October 20th to revise and polish my fantasy romance before I send it out for beta reading with an author who will rip it to shreds completely. And I'm terrified and thrilled at the same time. Good for me. I need that date. Otherwise, I will never finish the revising.

Okay, moving on.

Health Front-
   Low-carb diets suck. I hate it. Abso-friggin'-lutely hate it.
   Somedays it's fine. Like, "no biggie, I don't care about fries or your brownies or pancakes. I'm totally good with my salted nuts and string cheese here."
   And then there are days when there aren't enough french fries in the world to appease the cravings. And the mere scent of walking down a candy aisle or entering the grocery store (because we're gearing up for Halloween now...) is torture. That sweet scent of wrapped terrible chocolate (you know what I'm talking about) smells like heaven.
   It's days like these that I want to remove my nose entirely. Give me bland smelling chocolates. Make them smell like rotten turnips.
Then again, don't.
   They say that what you smell you taste, too. And I have no desire to taste rotten turnips.
   So...if I just walk down the aisle enough, maybe I will get enough aroma to actually taste the chocolates. Halloween, you just saved yourself. I digress.
   Anyway, the main thing is I have to keep in mind end goals. And the doctor's orders. And if I deviate from what he said, pain will follow me. (Trust me on this one; it isn't fun to indulge in a medium fries no matter how much you want them. The guilt followed by rejection are not worth it.)

Benefit: Your meals get more creative. Your health stays right where the doctor wants it to be. And you do lose weight- not my goal, but it happens.
(I'm currently at my lowest weight since being a full time athlete in high school)

Downside: There's a detox period (dude, it's seriously like a drug). You get grumpy. You get tired. Your clothes will be baggy. You will be forced to buy new clothes. (I'm told some people like this part...I don't necessarily because we're trying to save money.) And you get more pointy- elbows, knees, butt...

So until the doc says I can (slowly) add them back in...just gotta suck it up. And keep reminding myself that.

Okay, what else?

Other Front-
   Our peach tree went crazy this year. I canned a lot, since I can't quite eat them right now. I had friends come and pick. And Mochi has absconded with more than her fair share of them (I've never seen a dog so in love with fruit). It is finally winding down, which means we only have a few dozen left on the tree. I'm leaving them for the birds. I'll just clean up when they're done.

   Subbing. It's amazing. I absolutely love it. My favorite is still Middle School. (Shout out to them!) Even on the rough days, it's still something I wouldn't think of giving up.
I get asked a lot: Don't you want to be a teacher?
My answer is usually, not really. I became a sub because I like that job and its flexibility. I don't mind stepping in to help out. But I know the work those teachers go through and I do not envy them. Hats off to all my teacher friends (and mom)!

And now for some amazing pictures:
Last writer's group was held in the Fire Watch Tower in Bandelier National Park.
The only fire we saw was the one from the sky. Amazing sunset views. Always good to know the watch-woman.

No filter. None needed. Glorious.

Even the brush looked lovely that night. 

I am reminded every day just how much I love where we live.

Until next time,

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