Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Little Catch Up and Colorado!

Hi all!

It's been a bit busy here. But never fear, I'm updating!
(Maybe next time it can be twice in the same month. Gasp!)

Okay, catch up time.

On the writing front:

  • Got feedback from my querying. Rejected from all. But had a full request and a partial request and am gleaning the gold which is personalized feedback. (Huzzah!) The good thing is most of the feedback said the same thing- Beginning is too slow.
    What does that mean for me? Means more work and more revising. But I'm going to let that MS sit for a few months to get some distance before I tackle it again and decide on what to revise.
  • Our local college here is offering a summer course on Creative Writing from June to end of July. I'm going to take it. Always a good idea to sharpen the sword, as they say. 
  • I've ripped up a WIP (only 12k words) that wasn't going anywhere. I tried to keep at it, but I hated it. Anyway, I kept only the names of my hero and heroine and now have a brand new plot, new setting, and stronger ending and I'm happy. (Yes, as a former pantser, I now plan it out. And yes, it's written by hand in a special notebook.)
  • This Fall I'll look at my other MS that's a fantasy romance. I'm brewing up ideas and may decide to scrap the 70k+ words I already have to rewrite the whole dang thing. We'll see. Not going to worry about it right now. 

On the home front:

  • Laundry piles up when I write so I'm working on that. I'm trying to learn to enjoy the sounds of writing to the sloshing of the washer. (still not 311, but it's good white noise)
  • Have to do a new diet. Doctor said if we want to try for a kiddo, low to no carbs. So that's been a challenge.
              - May or may not have thrown out a disgusting porridge this morning.
              - Found out I like chia seed puddings.
              - Dinners are the easiest meals. Breakfasts are hard. (I blame France for creating my bread addiction! I'm a toast girl too, so same to you, England!)
  • Mr. K and I are doing Tai Chi together when he gets home from work. I like it. Reminds me of dance in the holding of your body (butt tucked!) but yet, soooo slow. And then there's my Thursday yoga too. 
  • We've hired the help of a trainer for Mochi and her barking/fear of other dogs/running to greet people at the door and barking. I'll let you know how it is. So far all we know is she'll do anything for string cheese. So that's good.
  • Subbing is going well and I like Middle School. They're the most fun. 
On the fun front:
  • I surprised Mr. K with a trip to Durango, Colorado for his birthday last month. Here are a few of my fave pictures!

Crossed from New Mexico into Colorado!

Chimney Rock. Anyone who's played The Oregon Trail knows this monument.

Once we got to Durango, I surprised him with another thing. Friends! (The E family couldn't make it, so it was the B family) Mr. K was very surprised indeed and I think his jaw hit the floor.

We all stayed at the Historic Strater Hotel

Once the surprise was over, we went to the saloon.

This is one of my fave shots of Mr. K that weekend.

So dashing

The hotel outside.

We went for a stroll through Downtown Durango before dinner. Quite nice.

And now for some great statues and art!

The next day we had one last surprise for Mr. K. A First Class ticket on the Durango/Silverton Train through Cascade Canyon.

Our train car. We were in the caboose and it was so smooth. 

And now for the scenery. Just gorgeous!

We all got out onto the back platform for some pics.


And this one is one of my other faves. Post card worthy.

It was still chilly. As you can see by the snow/soft ice on the waterfall.

But the day was gorgeous and the temperature divine.

We got to Cascade Canyon and had lunch and got to look around.

Here's the engine.

And then there was this.

And this.

And of course, this.

What do those last three have in common?
I love water.
And rocks.

Moving on.
The trip back was lovely and I managed a few more photos before resting my eyes in the sun and light breeze.

The lake again.

Then the next day, after stopping off to get some bread at Jean Pierre's Bakery, we headed back home.

One of my fave houses from the drive back. Love a nice Victorian.

And this one's for my mom. Horses!

And before we knew it, we were back in New Mexico.

Land of Enchantment, indeed! 

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll have to post about Canvas and Cocktails and my sister's visit next time.

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