Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all,

So...I think I must be crazy.

We're hosting Thanksgiving this year and have another couple coming to share it with. Their family can't make it so, here we are.

I'm doing the turkey.

Not that big a deal really.

I mean, it's not like the bird hasn't defrosted in the fridge the last two days...oh wait.

So it's currently on the counter in the hopes it'll defrost in time for it's big debut. Slow goings when the fridge keeps things extra cold, even on the bottom shelf.

FYI: It's been known to freeze the top of my coffee in a mug on the top rack. Gotta love an old fridge.

Made my first cranberry sauce from scratch this year. 

Yes, I bought a can of sauce as a back up in case I failed the recipe.

I didn't. *smile* You can find the recipe I used here

Only five ingredients. Can't beat that!
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Orange zest
Maple Syrup

15 minutes later, it thickened and is now delicious and oh so lovely.

Up next, attempting a high altitude pecan pie (p.s. you add another egg and cook a little longer at an average temp). It's a must for the desserts in our house.

And you know what they say:

You can take the girl away from the South but not the South out of the girl. 

(And you better bet your booties I'll succeed in that endeavor.)

BTW, I've always wanted to know who "they" are. We say it all the time in conversation.

Perhaps it's from past Southerners? 
Or maybe philosophical thinkers? 
Celestial Seasonings writers?

Who knows. One day I'll find out. For now it's under lock and key from the commoners. 
Or so they say...

Agh! Stopping now, I promise.

To add to the menu, I'm also making some sweet potato casserole-in a crock pot.

I know, I know. It bucks tradition. 

But hey, it's the 21st century. We have technology and honestly what is a crockpot for but to free up some space in the oven. 

And let me tell you, that's a very good thing on Thanksgiving.

What else...maybe a salad. We have cider. And some wine. Guess that's all I'm doing. 
Our friends are bringing the mashed potatoes and green beans and some other things. 
For that, I am so thankful.

What else has passed since my last entry?

Well we did have a little holiday called Halloween. (Again, sorry for the lack of posting!)

Mr. K and I went as steampunk aviators.
Mochi was a little witch. (the hat lasted just long enough for the picture)

This shot reminds me of those vintage pics with a girl and her dog.

We had 9 trick or treaters. Probably would have had more, but we went to a party. 
All in all, it was fun. 

A week or so ago, I experimented with making biscotti.

White chocolate cranberry biscotti with nuts

It was so delish!
I will be making them again. 

Of course, we also had our first snow.

So pretty. 
Alas it melted just a few hours later.

But then we had another dusting.
And someone refused to come inside.

Saucy little minx.

She loves snow. Must be all that Nordic blood in her.

That was the night before.
In the morning there was a delay (I know, not much snow for a delay- but the roads were icy). 

So Mr. K and myself and a few friends went to the dog park to play.

And the best part was teaching M how to throw a snowball and run away.

And maybe this part too.

Sleepy puppy.

So with that last image, I wish you all a restful and joyful Thanksgiving.

Until next time,

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