Sunday, May 11, 2014

Who knows what "baby wa-ju" means? There is only one person...

On this special day, I thought I'd take the time to introduce you to the greatest teacher, life coach, friend and woman of all time.

My Mother.

This is her today, enjoying life!
This is my mom, graduating from UCLA.

She's perfect, isn't she folks?
(I love you!)

She is so awesome. Took me on carrousel rides in Europe.

Let me touch the largest nutcracker I have ever seen in Austria.

She was there when I was freaking out on the most special day of my life, my wedding day, calming my nerves, telling me to relax, and to let others take care of the small stuff. (Wise words.)

She's a survivor of many attacks. From me. From Miss K. From the both of us at times.

Remember this one?

Or this one?

That's not a kiss. It's a "love bite".

Still don't think it matches the one where Miss K and I attacked you in Disney with our faces covered in goop. He he he...
(There is photo evidence of that, but sadly, it lies in storage in CA.)

You visited me in France! And we had the time of our lives.
Our lovely shot in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

But the best was when I got to see you again in September for a short trip back. You had your babies back in the house.

The FL girlies
There really isn't much to say, except:

Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

You're the best!


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