Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When sisters come to visit!!!

So, the reason why I was MIA for a little bit is because my younger sister came to visit us in France!

She is my artsy, yin to my yang. We look nothing alike, have exactly opposite personalities, and grate on each others nerves and yet, I can't imagine my life without her in it (or any of my sisters or brother for that matter). Life would be too boring without the ability to see things through her eyes. She helps me break out of my comfort zone in a way totally different than with my husband.

You have husbands...and then you have sisters.
So this is a blog post dedicated to the top 15 photos from her stay with us, starting with a good cup of hot coffee-chocolate I had before she came to visit, I call it preparation, but some call it a caffeine addiction:

Whatever you want to call it, it's delicioso!
Okay, that done, now we can start the top 15 beginning with Paris

Pont des Arts, or the Lock Bridge, has a bag piper.
Looking out at the Louvre from behind the clock in Musée D'Orsay

Next stop: Chantilly
The Large Stables at the Château de Chantilly

Statue of Venus in the Gardens
The actual Château de Chantilly is just beautiful
The lone swan
My sister in a nutshell: whimsical and gorgeous.
A house that is both stunning and creepy in Chantilly
Last stop: Normandy France to see the wonder, Le Mont Saint Michel
On the bus to Mont Saint Michel passing fields of "Colza" or
Canola flowers, my husband's favorite fields here in France, after we took a train

The Mont Saint Michel in all its glory
Ivy wall

The happy couple on the steps of the Mont
Perfect morning in Normandy before the tourists arrived for the day
Majestic. There is no other word for this view looking out at the bay from the
Mont Saint Michel and no adjustment made to the photo either!
The best cloister I've ever beheld, only found on the Mont Saint Michel
And there you go! The top 15 from the past two weeks.
Consider it a blog postcard from me to you!
Until next time,


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