Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Great Snowman Chase of 2012

Been a while, but I thought I would finally talk about the Great Snowman Chase of 2012.
This is how it went down.
The day after we got home from the Matt Hatter Party, Mr. K made breakfast for us.  We chatted and talked and had a lovely time of a late breakfast. Completely unaware that he had set up the place for a game, I was.

But as I began putting things in order in our apartment, I happened upon this:

Huh, I thought. That's cute. And I smiled and went on my merry way, thinking I had a sweet husband.

I had forgotten that I had a chocolate to find in our advent calendar, so I went to go get it so we could open it together (I have odds, you know). And that's when I found this one:

Odd, but again, I merely thought it was cute, and I almost missed it!

Continuing my cleaning and organizing, I rembered I had to check a date on the calendar (I live by that thing- it it's not on the calendar, it doesn't exist in my opinion...). And lo and behold:

Okay, now I realized something was up, as Mr. K starting grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat and all of a sudden he claimed he had dishes to wash.

Following him into the kitchen, he started chuckling and telling me that he was wondering how long it was going to take for me to realize he had hidden them. I have to admit I was rather excited at the idea of a quest for the Six Snowmen! I started in the bedroom, but couldn't find any. He's a sneaky one, that Mr. K. It's when he's quiet that you know something is up!

Going back into the kitchen, I saw one! Right above our stove on our baby pantry shelf. How could I have missed it before! I actually got food out of that pantry that morning. Yeesh.

I glanced at Mr. K and he just shrugged and said I hadn't had my tea yet. Obviously that's why I missed it. Obviously.

Looking around in the kitchen, I spotted another. That made 5! He was perched on our Places to see in France paper on our "frigo". Very nice, Mr. K.

 But where was the sixth? I had scoured the living room already to no avail. I had already checked the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hallway. There were no other rooms left!
Was it in the cellar? I asked.
No, he replied, too much effort, plus it's cold down there.
True. A stone cellar is chilly in winter.

Where was it? I looked high and low. In cupboards and drawers and wardrobes and could not find it.
I finally gave up and asked if we could play "hotter/colder" otherwise I would go crazy trying to find it.

He acquiesed. And there, in the bedroom, lurking in a corner, I found it (with Mr. K's help):

 Thus ended the quest. All six snowmen were found, but they are yet througout the apartment. They add a certain hidden Christmas cheer, don't you think?

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