Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

That's French for "Let the good times roll"! Memorizing those weekly French quotes in my Middle School French class paid off! Thank you, Mme Russey!

Monday night, we invited my dear French friends, M and Mme G, to our home for a dinner (finally!).  They were pivotal people with helping us set up a place here in France (as well as hosting us for two weeks when we first got here).  This was my attempt at a thank you dinner.

My family sure has perfect timing. I was so happy to have received a package from my Gma P from FL.  She sent me a tablecloth and real napkins!!!! (She's awesome like that) So, of course, I used those for the dinner.
Festive, check!
Fun, check!
And, fancy free, check! (had to throw the last one in, sorry...ran out of ideas for "f"s)

Here's a picture of the semi-set table:

 Unfortunately, the silverware didn't make it onto the table until after I had taken the picture and we were already entertaining...ooops.

For dinner that night, I served Risotto alla Champagne as the starter, then Lemon Butter Herbed Chicken with Green Beans, followed by a dessert red wine (which we had picked up from the Salon du Chocolat) served with homemade brownies. After the dessert, we served a "tisane" or in other words, an herb tea. Our selection was Jardin Pyrénée (blueberry cassis herb tea). Divine!

Thus it was an Italian- French- American dinner. A first time for risotto for all of us and the first time our guests had American style brownies!

This was the only picture taken of food that night.  The rest had to be served right away.  But, just imagine all the smells that embraced you as you sat down. Better than a picture.
 Also, I was really happy that my attempt at a Downton Abbey hairstyle was a success.  I would have taken a picture of the front, but...I like the back better. It looks more elegant.

I played with the lighting and saturation in the side ones here. I like the sepia toned one the best! (I wish we could go back to this style. All the women looked so pretty!)

Anyway, I'll move on from old-fashioned hair.

Mme G, as is customary in France when you are invited to a house, gave a small token of appreciation.  This is the chocolate jam jar that was given.  It even is filled with chocolate!  So cool! And way too pretty to eat...almost.

What a fun idea!
 A little known fact when you go to someone's house for dinner: you never bring a dessert or a wine!
(To do so would be considered an insult to the host/hostess.  It kind of gives the impression that they (host/hostess) don't know how to prepare a meal for guests.)
Better choices are flowers or festive chocolates (see above). There!  Now when you are invited to a French home for dinner, you know the protocol!

We had a lovely evening of dining and sharing pleasant stories. I'm so glad that we were finally able to invite them over for a dinner. It'll never repay them for their kindness, but we sure did like treating them to a fun time.

That's all for now!

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