Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moving and shaking in this here home...'s been a long struggle, but Mr. K and I have finally found out where we will be moving to for next year.  It's a little farther than we thought, but the ambiance will be lovely, I think. Where are we moving?
Oh, right.  Forgot to mention it. Ooops.


Yup, we'll be moving to France and living there for about 2-3 years.  Pretty cool, huh?

The great thing is that the area where we will be moving to is the exact same area where I was an au pair for a year 5 years ago.  just a little outside Paris, France. Coincidence? I think not!

So, besides doing the mountains of paperwork that has come to be known as normal and expected where you can only shrug your shoulders and say "C'est la France!", we're trying to look into homes and budgeting, and all other sorts of good things.

We did buy some French maps. Yay! And a book on the nitty gritty of living in France.

Yes, I like buying books about those things.  Always handy to throw it in your purse to take with you wherever you go.  No, I don't always like doing the searching on the internet, but we've found that it is a good source too.  With a book, however, you get a little more filtering- less opinion polls and more facts.

Also, on the news is that I may decide to do something different there. I have been looking into not working as a chemist, but possibly taking cooking classes in Paris.  Expensive option, by the way.  So I may opt to do short courses instead of a pull fledged certificate program.  We'll see.  I could also join the American Women's Group from FAWCO. They do a lot for other fellow American women abroad and it would be nice to have a group with which to go around. Looking into that too. We'll see on that as well.

So, as I sit here by my open window in the middle of March, in a skirt and short sleeved top, in New York...I am counting my blessings that today is gorgeous and not pummeling us with snow. :-)

Out to enjoy the rest of the day! 

à Bientôt!!

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